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Today, the world is developing a global crisis in energy and transport, 40% of the world's population suffers from a lack of drinking water. These problems lead to an environmental crisis. Numerous attempts to solve these problems have failed to improve them dramatically.

They are trying to solve these global problems by improving today's technology. But there is no drastic improvement in the characteristics of the equipment, at best, the developed equipment is several percent better than the existing one. At the same time, huge amounts of money (financial, material, human, and temporary) are spent on all these developments.

The main reason for the low efficiency of new developments is that scientists and designers have been creating equipment based on the already known and well-studied principles of stationary mechanics for more than 100 years.

A similar situation occurred in electrical engineering. At first, only direct current was used. But with the transition to alternating current and the use of electromagnetic fields, there was a huge breakthrough in the development of electrical engineering, radio engineering, computer technology, and information technology. This all happened thanks to the application of the physics of alternating current and electromagnetic fields.

By analogy, the same dramatic improvement in the characteristics of today's technology can occur when switching to the use of the principles of oscillatory mechanics. This field of physics is transcendentally complex and very little studied, and little attention is paid to it.

the technology created on the basis of oscillational physics will be many times more efficient than the existing one, and at the same time it will be absolutely environmentally friendly and will not produce emissions into the atmosphere. THIS WILL ALLOW US TO PRESERVE THE OXYGEN RESERVES OF OUR PLANET.

We have been researching oscillational mechanics for decades. We have conducted hundreds of experiments and obtained many super-successful results that can already be used in the development of super-efficient modern equipment for various purposes.

Below is a list of our suggestions for the development of equipment based on our KNOW HOW.

1. Offer of renewable energy sources extracting static pressure and thermal energy from calm atmospheres and water environments

Currently, consumers are provided with energy from thermal (coal, gas, oil), hydro and nuclear power plants.

But these energy sources have many serious drawbacks:

- they bring ever-increasing environmental damage, which will soon reach a catastrophic level;

- high energy cost;

- very expensive infrastructure for the delivery of energy, which violates the ecology of the Planet;

- a large consumption of natural resources, which will end in 15-30 years.

Currently, many countries are betting on renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and solar power plants. This is a huge mistake.

These energy sources are highly dependent on the external environment:

- solar power plants do not work at night and in heavy snowfall;

- wind farms depend on the wind and the ambient temperature (icing of the blades and other parts)..

In the event of natural disasters, these energy sources fail and require expensive repairs, and consumers are completely deprived of electricity.

Huge amounts of money and time are spent on solar and wind power plants, but the energy problem has not been solved (now they are beginning to understand that this is a "green bubble").

Therefore, now they are beginning to bet on the creation of hydrogen energy. But it will have many disadvantages, will violate the environment by raising the temperature on the Planet, etc. This will be another "hydrogen bubble".

Therefore, now they are beginning to bet on the creation of hydrogen energy. But it will have many disadvantages, will violate the environment by raising the temperature on the Planet, etc. This will be another "hydrogen bubble".

But, paradoxically, the search for the ideal energy source was not put at the head of the task!?

Therefore, we first identified the requirements for an ideal energy source and searched for it.

It turned out that the ideal energy source can be low-potential static pressure energy and thermal energy from a calm atmosphere (without wind, currents and sun).

This energy is taken from the Sun and transferred to the atmosphere, oceans and the Earth's surface. This energy is accumulated in the atmosphere in the form of thermal and static pressure energy. This energy is millions of times more than the energy generated by all the power plants in the world. But scientists and inventors pay little attention to this energy.

This energy is huge, generating winds, typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, whirlwinds, etc. Humanity has even made accidentally limited uses of this energy: vacuum bombs and heat pumps. But the development of this direction of obtaining energy for Humanity for some reason did not happen. Instead, a huge waste of money is being spent on creating the next generation of bad energy converters. which do not solve the energy and environmental problems of the Planet.

For humanity, this is the only way to get free and environmentally friendly renewable energy.

Viktor Schauberger conducted research on the extraction of energy from calm atmospheres and water environments (implosion). But this area of physics has proved to be transcendentally difficult to explore. For humanity, this is the only way to get free and environmentally friendly renewable energy.

We know how to extract this energy (KNOW-HOW E. D. Sorokodum). Our developments are based on the extraction of thermal and static pressure energy from the stationary atmosphere and water media. your energy sources will provide energy from 1 cubic meter of air or water in 10-100 times more, than today's wind and hydroelectric power plants receive kinetic energy. Watch our presentation::

Thermal energy and the pressure of a calm environment will solve global energy problems

Viktor Schauberger

Our energy sources will be very cheap and compact, and can be located near the consumer anywhere in the world. They do not consume any fuels and do not produce any emissions to the environment. This will save oxygen reserves and not raise the temperature of our planet.

The energy cost of our energy sources will be almost zero.

Our energy sources will be completely environmentally friendly and emission-free.

Scheme for extracting thermal and static pressure energy
from the environment

Scheme of a vortex oscillatory power plant

The creation of vortex-oscillational energy sources is a transcendentally difficult task, but we have a great reserve based on many years of successful theoretical and experimental research.

It is advisable to start creating vortex-oscillational energy sources by studying the characteristics of an air vortex created by mechanical oscillations. See our presentation:


Based on the results obtained, it will be possible to start creating vortex-oscillatory energy sources.

Vortex-oscilational power station

Vortex-oscilational heat pump

Vortex tube

The proposed type of power plant will extract water from the atmosphere for free

Moisture extractor from the atmosphere based on the vortex-oscillatory effect

We have conducted a series of studies of the aerohydrodynamics of oscillating cylinders, the results of which can significantly increase the efficiency of wind and hydroelectric power plants with oscillating cylinders.

Damless hydro power station with oscillating cylinders

Damless tidal hydro power station with oscillating cylinders

Wind- and hydro power stations with oscillating wings

Wind power station with a vertical oscillating cylindrical body

And the next generations should be made to extract the energy of static pressure and heat without wind and current.

2. Proposal to create a new type of flying and floating vehicles

The growth of the world's population and the active development of all sectors of the economy require more and more transport capacity for the transport of people and goods. Today's transport has a number of serious disadvantages: the need for expensive infrastructure (roads, railways, airports, seaports), low efficiency and energy efficiency (transport requires a lot of fuel and energy), high emissions.

Currently, they are trying to partially solve global transport problems with the help of the development of helicopter and airplane-type air vehicles.

Huge amounts of money (financial, material, human, and temporary) are spent on all these developments. But all these works are doomed to failure, because they are based on the application of jet theory, and the possibilities for improving existing and developing equipment based on it have already been exhausted (this is and will be "flying locomotives" that will not solve transport problems).

We were looking for new principles for creating thrust and annihilating aero-hydrodynamic drag. We have been studying oscillational aerohydrodynamics for decades. We have conducted hundreds of experiments and obtained many super-successful results that can already be used in the development of new types of flying and swimming vehicles. See our presentation:

Solving global transport problems with a new type of air transport

We experimentally obtained on oscillatory thrusters:

- specific thrust of more than 200 kg / HP (today's helicopters have a thrust of up to 6 kg/HP, and aircraft - up to 15 kg/HP);

- reducing of the wing's aerodynamic drag to zero;

In 1891, Professor Nikolai Yegorovich Zhukovsky published his work "On the soaring of birds", in which he wrote that with a variable angle of attack of fixed wings, it can lead to a decrease in aerodynamic drag or even to the formation of thrust. We, after 120 years, conducted experiments that confirmed the real existence of this effect.

- extraction of additional mechanical energy from the surrounding atmosphere and water media.

The equipment created using our KNOW-HOW will be much more efficient in comparison with existing analogues, will solve many global transport problems and at the same time make a huge profit.

But modern scientists and designers do not pay attention to the oscillatory aerohydrodynamics. It is easiest for them to develop on the primitive principles of stationary aerohydromechanics.


A radical solution to transport problems

Air vehicle Flying umbrella for one person with an oscillating type engine

Air vehicle Flying umbrella for five people with an oscillating type engine

Unmanned aircraft "Flying umbrella" with the engine of the oscillating type

Aircraft Flying wing for one person with an oscillating type engine

Aircraft Flying wing for five people with an oscillating type engine

Unmanned aircraft "Flying wing" with oscillating propeller type

A new type of airship with oscillatory propulsion

Hovercraft with oscillating "skirt"

Personal air vehicle with super-efficient propulsion



Boats and vessels with underwater wings and propulsor of oscillatory type

Surface and underwater vehicles with oscillating propulsion

Unmanned underwater vehicle with the propulsor of oscillatory type

Boats with propulsor of oscillatory type

Hydrofoil with oscillating propulsor

Super fin


The existing technological devices in the world (mills, agitators, sinks, etc.) are built on the use of rotating working bodies. This leads to high costs for processing the material, wear of the installation itself, and low energy efficiency of these devices.

Based on our EXPERIMENTAL results on the use of the vortex oscillatory effect for various purposes, we can create industrial samples of super-efficient and cheap technological devices of a new type.

Extraction of oil from oil sand

Vortex-oscillating Mill

Vortex-oscillating Pumps


Air humidifier

Water fuel mix

The mixing devices

Development of new techniques for agriculture

The washing device

New field irrigation system

Vortex-oscillating pump for sapropel

Equipment for husking of sunflower seeds, oleaginous and cereal crops

Vortex-oscilational mixer

The plant of medicinal herbs extraction

Animation of particle motion in a vortex


Global crises lead to a sharp reduction in eco-settlements around the world. This also leads to serious environmental degradation. The reasons for the reduction of eco-settlements are: big problems with energy, transport and equipment.

Based on our technologies listed in sections 1-4, it is possible to create equipment that will provide eco-settlements with semi-free energy (see section 1), cheap off-road transport (see section 2), various equipment (see section 3).


Positive effect of oscillations and sound on the human body


Until today, the physics of tornado formation has remained poorly understood. The reason for the movement of the Earth's tectonic plates, earthquakes, in our opinion, is also erroneous. Using the physics of the vortex-oscillatory effect (see section 1), a new explanation can be given for the physical cause of tornado formation. The use of our experimental results on the mechanism of formation of water vortices can also provide a new explanation for the mutual motion of the Earth-Moon system and the movement of the Earth's tectonic plates.

Solving tornado problem

New physics of the Earth

Sea waves-murderers

We don't have any industrial product samples yet.
We have a large theoretical and experimental background on the proposed products, and some of them have existing laboratory samples. We do not sell laboratory samples.
We are looking for Investors for R & D to create the first industrial samples of the products offered.

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