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About us

About us
  Our company sets as the basic purpose, - creation of new type of the flying devices, alternative energy sources and technologies based on non ordinary aerohydrodynamical and thermodynamic oscillatory, wave and vortical processes.

"Vortex Oscillation Technology Ltd" bases in it's works on:

  • On own experience of thirty-year work in the field of nonlinear aerohydrodynamical oscillations, mechanics of flight and swimming of animals, creation thruster complexes and technological devices oscillatory type;
  • On an own database on subjects for 120 years: about 10000 works, from them about 4000 scientific articles and more than 1000 patents;
Database "Oscillatory aero hydrodynamics is created in the physical and biological mechanics"
  • On own laboratories, stands, techniques of an experimental research, identification, synthesis, the program;
  • On the analysis of results of scientific and design works executed in these areas in the world community for 100 years and, especially, for last years;
  • On the constant analysis of the world(global) and Russian market in these areas.

The success of our works is promoted by physical laws open by us (little-known or unknown to scientists and designers):

  • Principles of development the engine - thruster of a complex on the basis of uniform oscillatory system;
  • Principles of development of  transport-agreeing elements between an energy source and aero-hydrodynamical loading;
  • The general laws of decrease of aerohydrodynamical drag at a wave flow;
  • Structure and kinematics of vortexes about a oscillating body;
  • Occurrence of the joined elasticity at certain Modes of oscillation;
  • Bндуцирование a vortex with the help only oscillations;
  • Creation of forces with the help of a gradient of energy;
  • Special modes termal viscous waves;
  • Principles extraction low potential energy from a quiet environment with the help of a vortex;
  • Consideration locomotion the vehicle flying and swimming animals and their technical analogues on the basis of uniform oscillatory system;
  • Wave-principles of carry of mechanical energy on working bodies of flying and swimming animal.


      Dr. Evgeny Sorokodum

Owner and General Director “Vortex Oscillation Technology Ltd.”

The supervisor of studies

Member of the Renewable Power Association of UK.


Ratushnak V.P.


Manager of measuring and operating systems

Teliczyn M.V.


Leading programmer

Merzlikin V.


Specialist in experimental maketing

Aron D.V.



Artem Zyev




Kozlikin V.


The manager of our firm  "Vortex oscillation Energy" Ltd. in London

 "Vortex Oscillation Technology Ltd" has:
  • Office in Moscow (property);
  • Own experimental base near Solnechnogorsk of the Moscow area (3 experimental laboratories, electrotechnical and computer laboratories, workshop, library, a cabinet, warehouses, a dining room and sleeping sector for employees, all necessary household and auxiliary rooms; 3 floor building the general area about 600 sq.m.

Office address:
Volochaevskaya Street, 40-b, Flat 38, 111033, Moscow, Russia
Telephone/fax: (7) - (095) -362 80 84

E-mail: ametisovich@mail.ru


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