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THE DEVELOPMENT OF RENEWABLE ENERGY IS  THE SALVATION FOR HUMANITY The majority of modern energy sources are based on the fuel

    The majority of modern energy sources are based on the fuel combustion principle. This leads to immense negative results: the combustion of valuable chemical substances, environmental pollution and higher environment temperature which in its turn cause the increase of thermal and aerodynamic processes. Recent natural disasters vividly demonstrate that fact that the number and intensity of storms, typhoons, tornados and floods are sharply growing. The last natural disasters in Indonesia and especially the Katrina hurricane in the United States giva us a glimp of our nearest future catastrophes. It is evident that humanity is unaware of changes the Earth is undergoing. Our Planet faces the threat of a whole range of global disasters:
- energy crisis (in 15 years fuel sources will be coming to an end and humanity will catastrophically lack energy);
- ecological hazards (human environment pollution alongside with atmosphere, ocean and rivers pollution);
- thermal disaster (the warming of our planet climate, a constant increase in number and intensification of hurricanes, typhoons, tornados and floods).
    Any of these global disasters can put an end to life existence on the Earth. A cumulative action of these factors is deadly for all the living beings on our Planet.
    It will not be possible to avoid energy catastrophe with the use of hydrogene energy sources or some energy sources of other planets, as they will also be raising temperature on the Earth.
    Traditional renewable energy sources – wind hydro energy plants, sun elements or plants using sea waves energy will at best satisfy merely 5-15 % of the Planet energy demand. Though, considerable expenses in the field – some tens of billions dollars- create the illusion of a possible successful solution of global problems through activities in traditional energy development.
    Unfortunately, nowadays humanity practically does not search for new types of renewable energy able to constantly satisfy its ever growing energy demands.
    Humanity salvation is in the understanding of a lack of prospects in all the activities carried out in hundreds of research laboratories and discussed at tens of conferences. It is exclusively new types of renewable energy sources extracting energy from environment without any combustion processes and heat generation that can save our Planet.
    It is vital to concentrate all our efforts on the search for new types of renewable energy.
Environment possesses immense heat and potential energy (energy of atmosphere and water pressure). Over 12 million heat pumps have already been made that using electric energy produce by far (up to 4-5 times) more thermal energy through energy extraction from environment.
    Our research have demonstrated that it is quite possible to obtain the extraction of ten times more thermal energy than electric energy supplied to heat pumps of a new type
(see our web-site:


http://www.vortexosc.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=92  ).
    These heat pumps use the principle of a vortex produced by oscillations (without any compressors, halocarbon, blades or discs). In not too distant future such vortex-oscillation pumps can be independent, that is operating without any special energy source, and to provide users with inexpensive and reliable electric and thermal energy. It should be stressed that our research are backed by classical phundamental physics and continue the works by Constantine Tziolkovskiy, Nicola Tesla, Victor Schauberger, Pr. Alexander Predvoditelev, the Nobel Prize winner Ilya Prigozhin and many others. The very existence of tornados confirm the possibility of extracting energy from environment with the use of vortex movement combining aerodynamic and thermal processes of multiphase media.
    A transcendent complexity of physical processes during energy extraction from environment with the use of vortex movement and a wide range of techniqhes and devices providing this extraction require united efforts by highly-qualified scientistst and engineers. This specific challenge is not for amateurs and inventors of perpetuum mobile.
    Humanity has no more than 15 years left. Afterwards, it will be too late to save the Planet. Thus, it is vital to develop an urgent work plan which we have subdivided into several three-year stages:
- 1st stage – in the first three years to conduct all necessary research, to develop first operating models of vortex-oscillation heat pumps and of othe new types of renewable energy sources (1-5 kW) and to launch their serial production.
- 2nd stage – to develop independent energy sources (1-5 kW) producing both electric and thermal energy;
- 3rd stage – to launch large-scale serial production of independent energy sources (1-5 kW) and to initiate the development of more powerful independent energy sources (50-1 00 kW and 10-500 MW);
- 4th stage – to continue research work and to launch large-scale serial production of independent energy sources (500-100 kW and 10-500 MW);
- 5th stage – to continue the program of providing the whole Planet with new energy sources.
    Humanity experience in the field of computers and soft (Bill Gates phenomenon) has revealed that rapid realization of similar projects on a global scale are quite real for our civilization. Considering that the elimination of energy crisis is a much more urgent problem for the Planet, I call upon the UNO, UNESCO, governments, public organizations and funds, businessmen, scientists and all the people of the Earth to view its solution as the way to their and their children’s salvation.

Best regards,
Dr. Evgeny Sorokodum
Chief Executive Officer
Vortex Oscillation Technology Ltd.
Memeber of the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE)
Volochaevskaya Street, 40-b, Flat 38, 111033, Moscow, Russia
Telephone/fax: (+7) - (095) -362 80 84
E-mail: esorokodum@dol.ru

Web-site: www.vortexosc.com


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