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Offered technologies lean on a vortex-oscillatory the effect opened by us (Know-How).
The description a vortex-oscillatory of effect and advantage of technologies offered by us (in comparison with traditional technologies) are resulted on our page:


Our offers

We can make research and developmental work on creation of the first samples of new highly effective technics (on the basis of our theoretical and experimental researches). We search for investors and partners for the first samples of this new technics creation.

Cultivation of microorganisms and microseaweed

For the medical industry cultivation of microorganisms is required.
For preparation of biofuel cultivation of microseaweed is required. Now bioreactors for biofuel preparation are not profitable. Firms start to make bioreactors raising microseaweed.
For these purposes reactors making are required:
- Uniform hashing the big volumes of a liquid with microorganisms;
- Uniform submission of nutrients to microorganisms;
- Illumination by light of all microorganisms;
- Submission of carbonic gas etc.;
- Mixing influence should be gentle (acceleration no more 3g).

We offer to develop such reactors.


We can develop installations on distance of a moisture from a material (including from agricultural production) with the help big centrifugal acceleration and vibrations (without heat).


We can develop installations on division of mixes of a liquid or loose materials into separate fractions. Our installations more economic and are cheaper than known analogues. Because:
- Hashing occurs more intensively due to that all volume of a mix is influenced with vibration; as investigation to this effective viscosity of environment sharply decreases also fluidity of a mix is increased;
- In this connection speed of process is increased, and power expenses decrease.

Filtering device

We can develop installations on filtering liquid mixes.

Vortical tube

We can develop a vortical tube in which the gas or air vortex is created with the help only oscillations (without the compressor).
Our vortical tube will have efficiency about 80 % (known analogue: vortical tube Ranqua-Hilsh has efficiency below 15 %).

Hot water cooler


Sorokodum Evgeny

PhD. in engineering

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Vortex Oscillation Technology Ltd.

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