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Vortex-oscillation technologies

Vortex-oscillation technologies конецформыначалоформыThe operati конецформыначалоформыThe operati

Technics condition on milling, mixing and etc.

Milling, mixing, extraction of primary product etc. are essential operations in all branches of industry. These operations demand more than 10% of our planet energy. There’re different effects and principles, which are used for these operations. The most popular are vortex, vibrating and centrifugal epicyclical mechanisms. They have a number of disadvantages: expensive, quickly wearing, low efficient, large sized, unreliable. But they are used by several factories in the world because there’re no better models.

Our know-how

We know how to create an intensive vortex with vibrating particles based on special forms of oscillations. (KNOW HOW Sorokodum E. D.).
Our vortex posses a rotational and vibrational motion at the same time (see figure 1).

Fluid and solid particles Inside the vortex raise up by simultaneous rotational and vibrational movements. After the particles reach a top, they go down on the outside surface continuing to rotate and vibrate.

Figure 1. fluid or solid particle path inside the vortex

Figure left: rotating particles rise up and go down on the outside surface of the vortex. There is a void inside the vortex. Figure right: path of single particle in the vortex – in addition to movement inside the vortex the particle also has an oscillating motion

Based on our vortex-oscillation-effect we can produce a new generation of high effective technical equipment.

The main advantages of our future vortex mechanisms by the side of analogy mechanisms are following:

1. Vibrational acceleration of vortex mechanisms is many times higher. Value of viscosity and power needed by vortex motion creation are lower, a processing rate becomes many times higher.

2. Considerable higher centrifugal acceleration, pulverization and separation rates. As result we get a strong pressure difference by particle movement on inside and outside vortex surface.
3. The simultaneous processing of the whole medium extent (with high vibrations and velocity gradients).It conduces to homogeneous medium processing and rising of processing rate in many times.
4. Pulverization is based on particle impacts, which are caused by their vibration and rubbing.

5. No need of tumbling bodies (balls, bars etc.). It conduces to process cheeping and product purity. It can also help to make a high efficient mill for nanopowder production

6. There are no rotating, vibrating or motionless elements inside the mechanism.
7. Reactor doesn’t rotate.
8. Small sized and small weight.
9. There is a self-centering of rotating mass by different vortex rotation velocity. There is no need of bearing shaft or other machining attachment.
10. Reactors could be opened or air-proof. A pressure inside them can be conventional, high or low.

11. Bath-operated and continuous-running mechanisms.
12. High capacity of any technical process.
13. Simplicity and low production costs. Made from standard items and control modules
14. Lower acoustic noise level than by engine or vibrator of the same power.
15. Simple service.

Energy cost estimation for building-up process of vortex: water vortex creation

Water was filled into reactor of laboratory-scale plant.

- Creation of water vortex.
- Energy costs for water are in the interval 150 - 3000 Watt/m3 of water depends on vortex intensity.

Proposed mechanisms can execute following technical processes:

Oscillation acceleration below 3g.
Centrifugal acceleration less 5g

Oscillation acceleration below 50g
Centrifugal acceleration less 10g

Oscillation acceleration of 50g-100g.
Centrifugal acceleration of 500g-3000g

Oscillation acceleration of 100g-200g.
Centrifugal acceleration of 100g-5000g

Oscillation acceleration of 200g-500g.
Centrifugal acceleration of 2000g-10000g

Oscillation acceleration >500g.
Centrifugal acceleration >10000g

1. Growing microorganisms, including microalgae
2. The generation of a boiling vortex
3. Material buildup, including silicon

1. Liquid mixing
2. Looses material mixing
3. The acceleration of heat and mass transfer and of chemical reactions
4. Washing of materials, vegetables, reservoirs, etc.

1. Separation
2. Drying of materials, vegetable raw materials (including grains)

1. Grinding of loose materials

1. Nano powder production

1. New technologies

2. Material self-heating

1. Pharmaceutical industry
3.Solar batteries elements

1 Chemical industry
3.Other industries.

1. Pharmaceutical industry
3. Food industry;
4.Chemical industry
5.Other industries

1. Mining and processing industry
2. Chemical industry
3.Metal-working industry
4. Pharmaceutical industry
6.Other industries

Nano industry

The proposed mechanisms have intensive vortex rotating motion with simultaneous particle oscillation inside the vortex.

The mechanism structure is showed on the following picture:

Our offers

We can make research and developmental work on creation of the first samples of new highly effective technics (on the basis of our theoretical and experimental researches). We search for investors and partners for creation of the first samples of this new technics.

domestic mixer (an ex-tractor of medicinal grasses, teas and ets)
the mixing device

The crushed shaving

The crushed packed cement

The crushed polymetallic ore

extraction of oil from oil sand
processing oil slime
grinder of materials to nano-sizes
water fuel mix
extraction waters from an atmosphere
extraction energy and condensation of natural gas
the pump
washing root crops, sand, container etc.
the plant of medicinal herbs extraction
other process equipment

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