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Мы ищем инвестора и партнера для

We offer to develop a new generation of attractions that will differ from the existing ones in the following characteristics:

1. Essential novelty

2. Intense and prolonged attention on the part of spectators.

3. These attractions will have an extremely intensive emotional, intellectual and physical impact on people and give them positive emotional charge.

Feasibility justification

Attractions business can be high-yield and feasible for the following reasons:

1. Attractions business ranks among the world top four most profitable businesses.

2. It is necessary to introduce a new generation of attractions that will be totally new and exciting, and can even compete with computer games (that is, to pull young people away from them) and other popular attractions.

The strategy of the plan realization

One of the possible ways of the realization of such a project may be the development of new attractions – vehicles that can move on the ground, in air and water without restraint. Their movement modes are to differ from all other known modes.

This project can be realized with the use of advanced scientific technologies. One of such technologies can be the use of physical processes based on oscillation non-linear aerohydrodynamics. On the basis of such processes, nature has created highly effective (energy-saving and manouevrable) flying and swimming animals. These processes are still poorly studied. In fact, modern stationary and quasi-stationary oscillation aerohydrodynamics cannot explain high efficiency of flying and swimming animals. Naturally, on the basis of scientific and engineering base of modern aerohydrodynamics, flying and swimming vehicles comparable to these animals, cannot be developed (see http://www.vortexosc.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=109 )

There are very few scientists in the world who understand some mechanisms of non-linear oscillation aerohydrodynamics. Ye. D. Sorokodum has been carrying research in this field over 35 years and has a wide experience of related scientific and engineering work (see

http://www.vortexosc.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=35 ). Dr. Ye. D. and his team can develop advanced attractions meeting all the requirements listed above.

Our offers

We can make research and developmental work on creation of the first samples of new highly effective technics (on the basis of our theoretical and experimental researches). We search for investors and partners for the first samples of this new technics creation:

° An aerobicycle with flapping thruster

° Airships with flapping wings for flight of the person

° Mini-airship with flapping wings

° Airships-carriers of advertising

° Hover for of the person

° A high-speed water bicycle with flapping thruster

° A water bicycle with flapping thruster

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