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Airships with flapping wings for flight of the person

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Airships with flapping wings with a drive from human muscles were developed and successfully flied as early as 150 years ago.

French mechanic Jean Pierre Blanshar has begun with realization of idea flepping flight. In 1781 it has constructed the device which wings were set in motion effort of hands and legs.

According to experiences of Degen on resistance of friction of all system 9 kgs so draft of a counterbalance was equal only 39 kgs, that is exactly half of weight of the device were required. After long experiences it managed to rise under such circumstances with the device on height of 16 meters the help of 25 impacts by wings within 30 seconds. If these data are not exaggerated, the result turns out amazing. Even if to assume, that Degen could develop for short time capacity in ½ a horsepower, from its experiences follows, that already one horsepower would be enough for free rise of the person.
To have an opportunity to make more free flights, Degen has decided to replace the counterbalance тягою the small cylinder filled by hydrogen. By means of such "facilitated" device it also has made rise on air at presence of enormous crowd on November, 12th, 1808.

In 1897 the Kharkov doctor Danilevsky has made a balloon with flapping wings

Unfortunately, this fact has been forgotten and all the modern attempts to develop such airships seem much less impressive than Blanchar, Degene and Danilivsky’s achievements.

Now, they are again trying to develop airships with flapping wings moved by human muscles.

See the video "The Individual Airship - France" на YOU TUBE

With the use of helium and advanced materials, this success could be developed to a wide-scale commercial realization. Moreover, oscillating wings can increase such airships efficiency due to the use of a number of new effects of non-linear aerohydrodynamics (KNOW HOW).

Lift is generated by buoyancy force (lift of a shell with helium, about 50-70 kg), as well as by aerodynamic lift of oscillating wings (about 30-50 kg). Without wings oscillation, an airship with a pilot would not be able to take off (it would lack aerostatic lift). When pilot is oscillating wings, additional lift is generated and the airship takes off from the ground. In case a pilot stops oscillating the wings, such an airship will parachute down with no harm to the pilot.

We offer to develop a highly exciting attraction – an airship with oscillating wings moved by the pilot’s muscles, on the basis of our advanced technologies and KNOW-HOW.


Recreational attraction for summer houses, parks, etc.

Technical characteristics

This aircraft comprises a shell filled with helium, frame with the pilots seat, oscillating wings and a drive from the pilots legs.

We can make research and developmental work on creation of the first samples of new highly effective technics (on the basis of our theoretical and experimental researches). We search for investors and partners for the first samples of this new technics creation.

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