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The general principles of extraction of low potential energy

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Alternative energy sources

The Problem Relevance

Our Planet faces a whole range of global disasters at once: energetic, ecological and thermal. The use of energy sources based on the principles of combustion of chemical and nuclear fuel, leads to immense negative results: the burning of valuable chemical substances, pollution and the raising of environment temperature. More over, the amount of hydrocarbon fuel is drastically diminishing. The fuel combustion and environmental pollution will in their turn, result in the increase in scale and violence of thermal, atmosphere and oceanic processes. It is expected that this trend will expand each year.

Now a major accent is made on the development of traditional renewable energy sources wind-hydro plants, solar elements, plants using waves of the sea energy, etc. Tens of billions dollars spended for these projects. It is considered that traditional renewable energy sources will satisfy the whole Planet energy demands. But this is an exceedingly grave and dangerous mistake for the Humanity. At best traditional renewable energy sources will satisfy less than 2-15% of the Planet energy demands. The more so as the cost energy produced by these energy sources will be very high and they all depending of the occurrence of wind, flows, waves and the sun.

Hydrogen energy or energy sources of other planets would not be able to prevent energy cataclysm, as they would cause a sharpen raise of energy cost and more over would increase on Earth temperature.

Taking into account the existing situation, it`s urgent to reconsider the strategy of the global energy problem solution. It`s necessary to stop misinforming the world community by the statements that all problems of energy, ecological and other about will be successfully solved in the nearest future. This deadly lying for our civilization. It is only the search for new energy sources that are able to provide energy for the whole Humanity, being ecologically pure, low-cost, constantly accessible and independent of the presence of wind, flows, sea waves or sunshine that can save us.

Energy sources of an environment

Now there is unimaginable chaos in decisions of the problem with search energy sources. Police trying to solve it with the help of banks and wars. Scientists develop of traditional energy sources (on fuel and renewed energy sources). Courageous inventors invent not clearly that, down to perpetuum mobile. In such condition on the Planet the power problem will be not solved.

We offer to understand with this chaos a little and to offer the general principles extraction to energy from an environment. These general principles should clear up as it`s necessary to make alternative power.

As a first step we shall determine, we can deal with what kinds of energy.

Any kind of energy has the certain level in relation to the consumer (or to the device which should extract energy from an environment).

Fig.1. Energy sources of an environment.

Classification of energy by this level:

- high-potential;

- low-potential;

- Conservative energy.

Conservative energy is that energy which is in the inhibited condition.

Conservative energy:

- Fuel (coal, fire wood, gas, petroleum etc.);

- Energy nuclear;

- Energy of a microstructure;

- Mechanical energy of atoms etc.;

- Mechanical energy of klasters etc. ;

- Mechanical energy of macrostructures etc.

Conservative energy can be is taken:

- at combustion, - at nuclear reactions;

- at sympathetic vibrations.

Thus the inhibited energy in many cases to become high-potential (see fig. 1). The mankind has learnt to take high-potential energy. But as it was written above, this way can not provide all requirements for energy, and carries many environmental problems and other lacks. At atom level and micro structures the inhibited mechanical energy use contain. This inhibited mechanical energy can be in the form of oscillations, rotations or other forms of mechanical movement. Probably, Kelly, N.Tesla, V.Shauberger etc. named one of these inhibited of energy as Sympathetic vibrations. Unfortunately, these forms of the inhibited energy remaining outside of attention of the competent researchers.

Ways of the decision of power problems

In the situation which have usually now power problems can be solved as follows:

1. To develop energy sources extraction low-potential energy of an environment.

2. To increase selection of energy by traditional renewed energy sources about the help of additional selection low-potential energy of an environment.

3. To start to develop sources of conservative energy.

Low-Potential Energy of Environment

One of strategic solutions of the energy problem may be the extraction of low-potential energy from environment.

Environment can be subdivided into macrocosm (bodies and processes from those visible to humans to planets and galaxies) and microcosm (bodies and processes occurring at molecular, atomic and even lower levels).

Our environment is permitted by a wide range of energies whose potential (temperature, pressure, the electromagnetic fields level, etc.) is higher than that of consumer devices (the potential level of our household and industrial devices consuming outside energy). We will call this kind of high-potential energy. There also exists a kind of energy whose potential is lower than the corresponding consumer devices. This energy will be called low-potential.

Each kind of energy and matter has lower limits when the absence of this energy or matter can be ascertained. For example, one can ascertain the absence of gas in the given space. Here one can use the notion of physical vacuum, but solely in relation to the gas. One can speak of absolute zero temperature and the absence of thermal energy in this case. Still, matter has a limitless number of structures at the level of micro- and macrocosm. That is why observing physical vacuum for the given kind of matter and energy, one should not consider that this space has absolute vacuum and is absolutely devoid of energy. The notion of the physical vacuum and the absence of energy can be applied only to the given kind of matter and energy. For them physical vacuum is a zero reference point (absolute zero) of this kind of energy.

Low-potential energy has energy potential lower than of consumer devices, but by far higher in relation to the absolute zero of the given kind of energy. That is why the low potential environment contains energy that can be used for consumers. Low-potential energy permeates our environment in the form of various energies and is both uniformly and non-uniformly dissipated in space. Its source may be energy drawn from micro- or macrocosm, notably thermal solar energy.

In our environment various processes involving both high and low potential energy (Fig. 1) exist.

High-potential processes (high temperature or pressure in fuel combustion, wind and flows, rivers levels gradient, etc.) proved to be more accessible for power generation. Nuclear and thermonuclear explosions have become the culminating point of the use of high-potential energy.

A Low-potential process has so far been paid little attention to, in comparison with high-potential energy.

At the same time, low-potential environment possesses inexhaustible energy supplies at the following levels:

- Macrocosm: thermal, potential (atmospheric and water column pressure), electromagnetic, gravitational energy, etc.

- Microcosm: (molecular and subatomic linkage energy, as well as the energy of other links of matter microstructure).

Only due to heat low-potential energy, huge amounts of water evaporate and move, rivers flow and hydroelectric plant operate. Other kinds of low-potential energy are related to little-known or yet unknown factors.

Both are micro and macrocosms possess inexhaustible energy supplies. It should been noted that the physics of low-energy extraction, in contrast to high-potential energy, is yet poorly explored for the following reasons:

- for a long time the world community has attended to apparent and simpler methods of energy generation - the use high-potential energy sources;

- there exists a wide range of low-potential energy sources, as well as of possible methods of its extraction;

- the physics of low-potential energy extraction is almost transcendentally complicated and in some cases modern science cannot explain a number of effects;

- general principles of low-potential energy extraction have not been developed enough;

- up to now people not qualified enough have been trying to develop devices and carry out research in this field, thus giving birth to declarations that they have succeeded in the development of perpetuum mobile, etc., which undoubtedly discredits scientific research in the area of the extraction of low-potential energy sources.

The problem state

Extraction of low potential heat energy and energy of pressure of an air or water column, of an environment (atmosphere, rivers and seas) the most real task on the way of the solution of a problems energy provision of mankind represents. All works on extraction of low potential energy of an environment which are executed for last 100 years,is possible to divide into three parts: successful, uncompleted and doubtful.

Successful works

Dr. P.K. Oshchepkov has organized public institute of inversion. The overall objective of this institute was realization of purposeful researches on extraction low potential energy from an environment. Laboratory under management of Dr. P.K.Oshchepkov has made the first samples of devices acting by extraction low potential energy of an environment.

Nobel winner Ilya Prigozhin has made the outstanding contribution to development of irreversible thermodynamics. In particular, he has theoretically shown: - under big deviations from the position of balance, the thermodynamic system can not come back any more to a former condition and pass in a new condition. - under certain physical conditions thermodynamic systems can organize itself.

Oparin has written the first monographic devoted to the principles of the theory of extraction low potential energy from environment: Physical bases of power without fuel (limitation of the second principle of thermodynamics)" Editorial URSS / Editorial URSS, 136 pages. More in detail the Price: 103.00 rubles. http://bolerobooks3.h11.ru/catalog-101528-9_6.html

The uncompleted works

Nicola Tesla http://www.lindsaybks.com/arch/turbine/

Viktor Schauberger

Viktor Schauberger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.htm

The AATE is a device designed to rotate a shaft at very high RPM. The technology that drives the shaft is a principle that occurs naturally; a universal force. Vortex Implosion is achieved by creating a tornado within a cylindrical chamber designed to control airflow within. The turbine needs to be primed to reach implosion velocity rotation. A starter motor is used to prime the engine and once implosion is achieved, the starter is disengaged by a clutch. The air flow regulation is achieved by a wireless throttle device and simply changes the position of the air flow port regulating the flow.

Rockwell Scientific Research, L.L.C.

W. Baumgarner conducts the big scientific and design work on vortical power http://www.vortexscience.com

Louis Michaud, inventor of the

AVE Atmospheric Vortex Engine

By imitating nature, we can create a vortex using low temperature heat sources.

If Mother of the Nature making spontaneous vortices from 30 seawater, then we ought to be able to use 40. Waste water to create an artificial vortex and extract energy.

web site: vortexengine.ca

Josef Hasslberger conducts scientific work on extraction energy from an environment


Frank Germano

Bladeless Disk, Vortex and Implosion Technologies
InVAID Systems, Inc http://www.frank.germano.com/

We are a couple of friends that started to study Viktor Schaubergers ideas and work in the summer of 1994. From the left we have Morten who our wizard is regarding the shaping of different things. Morten has deep understanding af Viktor Schaubergers thinking.
Then we have Curt Hallberg who is situated between practice and theory. Curt is a development engineer in his profession and the web master of this site. He has almost a 3D-veiwing when he is trying to explain how the vortices run.
Finally there is Lars (Lasse) Johansson. Lasse is a civil engineer in electronics and is mostly in for the theory behind these phenomena. However, he is a very good help while we are trying to solve practical things.
It all started with a scholarship that gave us the possibility to buy the equipment we needed. Firstly we have studied the use of Schaubergers vortices technology in treating water in general but water cleaning and oxygenating particularly. Our work with this was finished in November 1997. In the future we will investigate if and (if so) how Schaubergers so called UFOs worked. We have already shaped the moulds to the special membrane turbines and we are now continuing shaping the body of the aircraft. We will also look on the use of Viktor Schaubergers vortices technology in energy production. .


ALL IS ONE Ether is unique real existing matter. All ether of universe is in steady swinging Universal Ether movement at quant-small spiral tracks. This omnipresent basic swinging motion functions ordering (analogue to points of view of Global Scaling).

Local limited swinging motions occur at more coarse tracks, which in principle show pattern of Potential-Vortex-Cloud, e.g. in shape of galaxies, sun-systems or like electrons work (by quite new shape of vortices). Depending on character of these local motions, diverse (coarse-matter) occurrences result, e.g. physical fields or radiation.

Ether is real continuum, thus gapless and undividable (unique properties, because also this substance is unique matter, nowhere else described like here). Only based at these facts, highly limited possibilities of motions result, which only are reasons for compelling nature laws, e.g. right-angled effects of electromagnetic appearances.

There is also fine-matter Potential-Vortex-Clouds, which represent mental-spiritual content. These are also really manifest like physical occurrences, both by movements of real matter of ether. These vortices of high vibrations can multiply overlay and affect morphogenetic (analogue Sheldrake).

This view of ether allows explaining many phenomenally based at real motions processes (instead of common pure abstract hypotheses). This ether is medium for materiel like spirit; both are appearances of vortex-structures only of different frequencies..

So quite real and absolutely direct everything is bound to anything. New ethic (of age-old values) results inevitably by this world-view. That is content of Ether-Physics- and -Philosophy described at this website (which is permanently updated).

In addition here are discussed further subjects, e.g. concerning fluid-technology, mechanical rotor-systems, Bessler-Wheel, crop-circles, remote viewing, perpetuum mobile and basic understanding for usage of Free Energies. For example, most interesting concept is this Electrostatic-Electricity generator.

All subjects are to find via following main-menu or via sitemap.

Hope you enjoy exiting content of this website! http://www.evert.de/eft00e.htm

Prof. Alfred Evert

Some small firms make on some pieces in a year vortical thermal generators (Dr. Potapov, etc.) now in Russia. In them the girdled movement of water with the help high-pressure the pump is created. Water heats up, when in a pipe there is a whirl and cavitation of waters. Authors of these workings out declare that energy the energy consumed from a network is thus allocated much more, than. Authors consider that thermal energy is allocated from a friction and cavitation of waters at its movement and from a cold thermokernel, physical vacuum, etc. Confirming experiments, especially with independent experts, not resulted. Instead it is declarative the fact is declared energy on an exit, much exceeding energy on an input. The available limited information on this energy source allows to draw following conclusions:

- Or heat energy grows out transition of kinetic energy of water from the pump. Then this energy will be less than electric energy on an input of the pump. Than is these energy sources betterthen usual electrical heaters!?

- Or the device, due to vortical and cavitations movement of water, creates physical conditions under which energy from an environment known or unknown some more a nature can extracted. That, basically, is not excluded. But then especially it is important for developers of vortical heat generators to lead the qualified metering of energy on an input and an exit of the device and to publish results.

- This energy source can not be such as the heat pump because it has no seen physical conditions and constructive elements for selection of thermal energy of an atmosphere. ;

The full doubt works

In the World many designs such as "perpetuums mobile" are offered. In this case there can be following situations: - Probably energy from an environment acted in the converter. But authors could not fix receipt of additional energy on the converter from outside of, is especial from structures of a microcosm. The efficiency is needed to be determined as the attitude of useful work from an exit of the converter to the sum energy acting on all inputs The efficiency of any converter always will be less than 1. Utility of the converter consists that the consumer pays for energy from a network submitted on the converter, and for "gratuitous" low potential energy acting on the converter does not pay. Authors did not take into consideration receipt of the energy not fixed by devices from outside of and determined wrongly efficiency. - Mistakes in experiment (with a wrong technique of experiments, mistakes and errors of experiment). - Authors declare "results" which they never received (speculators).


1. In the world on a large scale the first source low potential energy - the compressor heat pump already successfully takes root.

2. Numerous attempts of creation of alternative sources "at random", without clear representation of structure of the converter and the general principles of synthesis of physical processes, are doomed for a failure. At the same time it is possible, that in some devices at change modes and selection of the elements having casual character effect of reception of energy, could take place. But it could be at a casual combination of parameters so authors could not repeat or develop this experience.

3. In this connection it is necessary to develop the general principles extraction of low potential energy from an environment. Our work given below is devoted to this question and is attempt to clear up methodology of creation of energy sources, extracting energy low potential environments.

4. It is necessary to mean, that energy sources or engines with efficiency above 100 % basically cannot be created. Value for the consumer of an energy source consists in its cost.


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