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Extraction of oil from oil sand

Extraction of oil from oil sand

In oil sand of Canada and Venezuela is more than 60 % of all stocks of oil. Many oil sand are in other countries. The big workings out of these stocks of oil therefore have now begun. The oil recovery from oil sand in Canada in the huge sizes has now begun.

In Canada extraction of oil from oil sand is conducted thus:

1. In the open (career) way at localisation of oil sand to 100 metres depth;
2. Drilling of chinks at localisation of oil sand 100 metres are deeper.

At an open way oil sand are loaded on dump-body trucks by means of dredges which is transported by oil sand on the processing enterprise. There oil sand are crushed, mix up with water and are warmed up, then by means of various influences (rotary, vortical, vibrating, etc.) oil is taken. Technologies which are applied at oil extraction in Canada, demand heavy expenses of energy and water from lakes, including on heating of a mix of water with oil sand.

The example of such technology is more low resulted.

Hatch wins Fort Hills Phase II energy project

Hatch will complete front-end conceptual engineering for the Fort Hills Phase II Project in the Alberta oil sands.

The $14-billion Fort Hills project is a strategic investment for owners Petro-Canada Oil Sands Inc., Teck Cominco and UTS Energy.

Last year Hatch was awarded Phase I, the front-end engineering design for the ore-preparation plant which is designed to produce 165 kBPCD for the upgrader by 2011. Phase II will double the capacities of the mine and upgrader, and has a planned startup of late 2013 or early 2014.

For further information, please contact Bob Mady: BMady@hatchenergy.com


Now the oil recovery began from oil sand in Canada in the huge sizes.
Technologies which are applied at extraction oil in Canada, demand the big power consumptions and waters from lakes, including on heating of a mix of water with oil sand.
It results to that the irreparable ecological damage is caused to lakes and a nature of Canada and the huge quantity of energy is spent. Also the oil extracted from oil sand very expensive. If the world prices for oil will be low oil business in Canada will go bankrupt.
Also there are many oil sand in other countries because of flood of oil within many decades.

It is necessary to search for new cheap and non-polluting technologies!

We have made successful experiment on extraction of oil from oil sand:

Oil in oil sands

Mixture of oil sand and water (weight ratio 1:1). Oil sand consisted of 3-10 mm pieces. The mixture was processed for 15 minutes.

- Oil sand pieces were broken into separate sand particles.
- Oil sand was separated into oil, water and sand.
- After the switch-off of the device, there was an oil layer above, with water below and sand at the bottom.
- Sand color had changed into bright yellow.
Recommendations on the use of our technologies:
- Processing intensity can be increased several times.
- Viscosity is reduced.
- Our devices can be used for more intensive and cost-saving oil extraction out of oil sands.
- There are prospects of separating oil from oil sand without any water.

Our offers

We can make research and developmental work on creation of the first samples of new highly effective technics (on the basis of our theoretical and experimental researches). We search for investors and partners for the first samples of this new technics creation.

We offer new technology extraction of oil from oil sand:

- To develop the first plants for extraction oil from oil sand.
- Intensity of processing (a level vibro acceleration, speed of rotation, centrifugal acceleration) can lift in some times.
- Necessary energy for extraction oil the charge of water decreases many times over.
- The charge of water sharply will decrease also ecology of the Canadian lakes will be improved.

In the long term we can extract oil from oil sand absolutely without application of water!!!

Our theory and confidence are based on the following proofs:

- Intensity of processing (a level vibro acceleration, speed of rotation, centrifugal acceleration) can lift in some times.
- Our installations will crush slices of oil sand up to separate send. This process will be helped by presence of very thin layer of natural water around send.

Exstaction oil will occur without heating and without water. Because we shall have very intensive vibration and very strong centrifugal acceleration. (we already on laboratory installations have received centrifugal acceleration of 30000 m /sec2).

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