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New field irrigation system

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In several south regions of Russia it is impossible to gather a rich crop without regular field watering. The present irrigation systems have a number of essential disadvantages (see following part) and are purchased abroad.

Present irrigation systems

There’re different kinds of sprinkling irrigation - with the use of self-powered and dumb systems of circular and frontal types.

A typical FRONTAL irrigation system consists of: support sledge with all machine controls, which set the whole system going, including the water delivery mechanism for following sprinkling.

A typical stationary CIRCULAR system consists of: bottom tower fixed on cement base with control panel, generator and several case bays.
The leading global producer of irrigation systems turn out following machinery: hose sprinklers, frontal and circular sprinkling machines, pump stations, generators, quick-detachable pipes, drip watering, sprinklers.

Hose sprinklers OCMIS, Italy

General disadvantages:

1. Using of special pumps.
2. Need of machine-tool attachment for irrigator: antidraining valves, wipers, pulverizers, control system of water sprinkling in relation to horizon etc.
3. Airborne dust and water pollution have a negative influence on irrigation system.
4. High cost of irrigators.


We have found out and explored a new effect:
By the pipe vibration arises an intensive water rotation inside the pipe (or cylindrical vessel) (KNOW HOW).

Vortex oscillation as physical process

We know how to create an intensive vortex based on mechanical oscillations. (KNOW HOW Sorokodum E.D.). Our vortex posses a rotational and vibrational motion at the same time (see figure 1).


Fluid and solid particles inside the vortex rise up by simultaneous rotational and vibrational movements. After the particles reach a top (closed pipe), they go down on the outside surface continuing to rotate and vibrate.

Figure 1. fluid or solid particle pathinside the vortex
Figure left: rotating particles rise up and go down on the outside surface of the vortex. There is a void inside the vortex. Figure right: path of single particle in the vortex – in addition to movement inside the vortex the particle also has an oscillating motion.

If the end of vibrating pipe will be in water, water will be pumped in (pump principle) and an intensive water vortex will occur inside the pipe. Rotating water will cause high centrifugal accelerations - 3000-10000 of terrestrial accelerations. Due to these accelerations the pressure on the inner pipe walls will be 2-300 atm and more.
Such pressure acts on water mass inside the vortex and compress him (there is air in the middle area of the vortex). Water in the vortex rise up. If the pipe top will be not closed, water after reaching top will be fast sprinkled on the horizontal circle.

Irrigator characteristics

Compared to known irrigation systems the high pressure in our mechanism is created by high centrifugal accelerations (not by high-pressure pump), which occur by fast water rotation in the pipe. The pipe itself doesn’t rotate. We have already got the pressure values of 25 atm. We can also get a pressure more than 200 atm. It will allow us to sprinkle water by large distances (50 – 150 m and more). Sprinkling of the water will arise on the whole perimeter (without pulverizers and other mechanisms).

The proposed system will consist of rising pipe and inexpensive driving mechanism.
There is no such effective and low-cost irrigating system in the world.

The main advantages of mechanisms compared to present analogies:

1. Our mechanisms are more simple, safety and cheaper. They are made with series-produced gear and controlling system.
2. Can pump water and liquate it with admixtures.
3. Possibility of water sprinkling with liquefied fertilizers and other substances.
4. Simple in service.
5. Small sized and weight.
6. The oscillating vortex can be in the opened or pressure-proofed reactor. Pressure inside the reactor can be normal, high or low.
7. Bath-operated and continuous-running mechanisms.
8. Possibility of water vortexing with improvement of its biological activity.

Other application areas of vortex-oscillation-effect in agricultural sector

1. As centrifugal water pump, including the heavily polluted water (there is no need of filters)
2. water- fertilizer-mixer
3. Seed grains, roots and sand washer etc..
4. Pack washing.
5. Seed grains drying.
6. Pulverizing of plant raw materials.
7. Complete feed production
8. Medicinal herbs and aroma tee extractors.
9. Seed peeling (rape, sunflower etc.)
10. Animal waste processing (liquefaction, dehydrating, pulverization).
11. Plant of vortexing water processing for improvement of water biological activity
12. Micro mills for sugar, cement, dust etc.
13. Reconditioning and improvement of cement mark.
14. Household waste pulverization.

Our readiness stage

1. We constructed a laboratory model, which completely ensured the possibility of irrigation using of vibrating pipe. The pipe was motionless; there were no rotating elements inside the irrigator. During vibration the pipe pumps water from the cup and sprinkle it over the pipe top.
2. We developed and constructed 5 different service models for field research of processes based on vortex-oscillation-effect.
3. We undertook preliminary theoretical and practical studies of application areas of vortex-oscillation-effect.
4. We developed a performance calculation program.
5. We developed a data processing program.

Our offers

We can make research and developmental work on creation of the first samples of new highly effective technics (on the basis of our theoretical and experimental researches). We search for investors and partners for the first samples of this new technics creation.
By your order we can construct the first model of irrigator, pump and other machinery.


Sorokodum Evgeny

PhD. in engineering

Founder and CEO
Vortex Oscillation Technology Ltd.

Mobile: +7-903-184-04-07

E-mail: sorokodum@dol.ru

E-mail: evgenysorokodum@yandex.ru

Skype: esorokodum

Web-site: www.vortexosc.com

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