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Decrease in viscosity of oil

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Relevancy of oil viscosity reduction by transportation

Oil transportation from oil-wells to oil refineries usually goes by main pipe-lines and railway tank cars. Herewith the oil volume, which is transported by pipe-lines, is twice a large than by railway. The main oil pipe-lines are owned by Rosneft. Total length of pipe-lines is ca. 45 thousands km.
Nowadays we have a situation, that the well capacity oversteps the flow capacity of pipe-lines. As result the sold oil volume is less than the real well capacity.
There two main ways of problem solution:
- construction of new oil pipe-lines;
- Expansion of the pumped oil volume by the same pipe-lines and pump capacity due to Oil viscosity reduction.


We have found out and explored a new effect:
By mechanical oscillation arises an intensive rotating and oscillating motion of liquid oil inside the cylindrical vessel (KNOW HOW).


Vortex oscillation as physical process

We know how to create an intensive vortex with mechanical oscillations. (KNOW HOW Sorokodum E.D.).
Our vortex posses a rotational and oscillation motion at the same time (see figure 1).
Fluid and solid particles inside the vortex rise up by simultaneous rotational and oscillation movements. After the particles reach a top, they go down on the outside surface continuing to rotate and vibrate.

Figure 1. fluid or solid particle path inside the vortex
Figure left: rotating particles rise up and go down on the outside surface of the vortex. There is a void inside the vortex. Figure right: path of single particle in the vortex – in addition to movement inside the vortex the particle also has an oscillating motion.
If the end of oscillating pipe will be in water, water will be pumped in (pump principle) and an intensive water vortex will occur inside the pipe. Rotating water will cause high centrifugal accelerations - 3000-10000 of terrestrial accelerations. Due to these accelerations the pressure on the inner pipe walls will be 2-300 atm and more. Such pressure acts on water mass inside the vortex and compress him (there is air in the middle area of the vortex). Water in the vortex rise up.
This effect can be used for construction of centrifugal pump (to place an tangential outlet inside the first pipe)

Oscillating vortex prosses following characteristics:

1. The intensive vortex occurs by special values of amplitude, frequency and forms of oscillations, by special size of reactor (tank with processing medium) and by special physical characteristics of fluid or solid material.
2. All particles inside the vortex have rotational and oscillating motion at the same time.
3. Moving fluid has a big velocity difference between vortex layers. Fluid (or solid particles) is intensive mixed (rubbing of particles). The all area is simultaneously mixed. There’re no stagnant areas.
4. Fluid rotating velocity is much higher than velocity of oscillatory excitation that caused them. We have already got fluid rotating velocity of 60 m/sec. It is possible to reach higher values. The reactor, where the rotation occurs, doesn’t move.
5. Vortex has the high centrifugal accelerations. We have already got an acceleration of 30000 m/sec2. It is possible to reach acceleration values, which are much more. Pulverization and separation rates become higher. There is a considerable pressure difference that occurs between inside and outside surfaces of the vortex during particle movement. A number of technological processes go faster.
6. We have already got the oscillation acceleration values of 1000 m/sec2. It is possible to reach much higher level ofoscillation acceleration.
7. Oscillation inside the vortex reduces a fluid viscosity many times. As result the rubbing between fluid layers becomes much less.
8. Oscillation inside the vortex reduces a fluid rubbing on inner reactor walls, where the vortex rotates.
9. Due to these characteristics of oscillating fluid motion (see characteristics 2, 7 and 8) a driving power needed for vortex creation, becomes many times lower.
10. Fluid particles are by the action of changing compressing and stretching forces.
11. It is possible to expand the intensively to the level, when the temperature difference occurs inside the vortex. Particles will test increase and temperature fall at movement. These conditions are important by the technological processes, which need a changing of temperature.
12. Oscillation acceleration of vortex mechanisms is many times higher. Value of viscosity and power needed by vortex motion creation are lower, a processing rate becomes many times higher.
13. There is a self-centering of rotating mass by different vortex rotation velocity. There is no need of bearing shaft or other machining attachment.
14. Reactor does n’t rotate.
15. No need of tumbling bodies (balls, bars etc.). It conduces to process cheeping and product purity.

The main advantages of mechanisms based on vortex-oscillation-effect compared to analogies

1. Centrifugal acceleration of rotating particles in processing medium is many times higher. We can get a centrifugal acceleration of 3000g and pressure of 250 atm and more.
2. Using it we can reduce viscosity, construct high-pressure pumps, extract oil from oil sands, oil sludge and sludge tanks, mix solutions for pumping, liquefy natural gas etc.
3. Absence of rotating (blades, etc.) and tumbling bodies (balls, bars etc.) conduces to mechanism and process cheeping.
4. High processing rate.
5. Low energy costs per processing unit.
6. Simple service.
7. Small sized and weight.

Our prior results

1. Experiments with the oil sludge

The sludge (very stiff, the pierced stick didn’t fall) was laying in the tank for 30 years.
Sludge was placed into cylindrical reactor, which was acted by mechanical oscillations and the sludge began to rotate like a fluid.
Experiment results:
- After oscillation action the sludge became liquid (reduced velocity was many time less) like usual oil.
- Before the temperature of the self-flash out was 1700Celsius.
- After oscillation action - 800Celsius.
- Smell of solar oil.
- Produced fluid (oil analogy) doesn’t get thick for 20 days (after that it was taken by petrochemists for self-flash analysis).
- Manifold sludge viscosity reducing was not explored by us.


2. Experimental measurement of required capacity for vortex creation in the water medium:

- Low-velocity vortex requires 150 Watt/m3;
- High-velocity vortex requires 3000 Watt/m3.


We invite investors, who can participate in joint development of high effective and economical technology for oil viscosity reduction and its transportation by the main pipe-line based on vortex-oscillation effect.

We can make research and developmental work on creation of the first samples of new highly effective technics (on the basis of our theoretical and experimental researches). We search for investors and partners for the first samples of this new technics creation.

Vortex-oscillation effect can be used in two following ways:

1. Oil viscosity reduction due to oscillating effect and oil delivery to pumps, which transport it to the pipe-lines. Due to reduced viscosity the pumps with the same capacity and by the same pipe-lines will deliver more oil.

2. Using of one vortex-oscillating plant for viscosity reducing, that has a function of pump, instead of oscillating plant and oil pump.

Using of vortex-oscillation effect in other areas of oil-gas industry:

- Oil pump

-Suspended material, water separation from oil - Solution mixing for pumping down borehole

- Oil extraction from oil sands

- Cleaning of oil depots from residues.
- Cleaning of depositing tanks. Oil surface skimming.

- Cleaning of railway tank cars from oil wastes
It is possible to construct a small-dimensioned mechanism of tank cleaning: the inner tank walls are cleaned by fluid sprinkling under high pressure -25-200 atm and more.

-Oil sludge utilization

-Oil refining
Due to our vortex-oscillation effect it is possible to accomplish various technological processes in oil refining area, including extraction of solar oil, gasoline.

- Oil extraction from schists, hydrates etc.
The proposed technology is the same like for oil extraction from Canada oil sands

- Water-fuel composition

- Liquefaction of associated gas

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