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Solving tornado problem

Atmospheric tornadoes occur frequently in many places on Earth. They bring great destruction and great loss of life.

Scientists around the world still can't understand the physics of tornado formation.

It is known about the existence of mechanical oscillations and waves in the upper atmosphere. But scientists do not pay attention to this physical phenomenon.

We hypothesized that the formation of tornadoes occurs due to a certain combination of mechanical oscillations and waves in the upper atmosphere (Ph. D. in egineering E. D. Sorokodum).

Animation of particle movement in a tornado

We know what combination of mechanical oscillations can lead to the formation of a tornado-type vortex (Know-how of Ph. D. in egineering E. D. Sorokodum). See the animation on the left.

We developed a laboratory stand and conducted experiments to create a tornado-type water vortex using mechanical oscillations of a certain type. See the film on the right

Film of a water tornado created by mechanical oscillations

According to our assumptions, it will be possible to destroy a tornado by irradiating it with a certain combination of acoustic waves.

For this purpose you will need two of the helicopters, which will be the distance to radiate acoustic waves of a special form is a tornado. And the tornado will cease to exist.

It is advisable to start research on the properties of tornadoes and methods of their destruction with R & D on the creation and study of the properties of an air vortex created by mechanical oscillations. Watch the presentation http://www.vortexosc.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=273

The knowledge we have gained about creating a tornado-like vortex using mechanical oscillations can be applied to the creation of super technology for various industries.


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