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Tornado: formation theory

There’re various theories of tornado’s (twister) formation in the world. But none of them can give an adequate description of formation mechanism.

Theory of whirling formation:
1. There is a number of mechanical waves, whirls and other activations in the atmosphere.
2. A special combination of oscillation superposition can cause a rotation movement in the air, where the process has arisen (KNOW HOW of Sorokodum E.D.). It can also take place above a ground level. (A known fact, that a rotation air movement of large diameter appears high above a ground and before the tornado’s formation).
3. Using of mechanical waves we got experimentally the imitative water – and sand whirls with intensive rotation and a void space in the whirl middle, which a like a real tornado.
4. From the rotating cloud descends a funnel (tornado).
5. Inside the funnel throughout his height by intensive air rotation appears a depression and low temperature area (like by concentrated cyclone or Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube).
6. Through this zone goes an external air, whereof a part of atmospheric moisture is condensates because of low temperature. By this process the tornado body gets latent heat energy from moisture condensation and the heat energy of cooled air. (there’re a lot of condensed moisture inside tornado).This energy extraction mechanism from the ingoing air is explored by us http://www.vortexosc.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=82
and showed at the following figure:
7. Because of static pressure on the internal surface of the column, which is lower than a static pressure of the ingoing air, the air transfers to the vortex a part of its potential pressure energy (Bernoulli effect). The energy transfer mechanism is showed at the figure above and is described at http://www.vortexosc.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=81
8. The extracted heat energy, which is transferred to vortex filaments, is transformed to the additional motional energy of jets (jet velocity becomes higher – Schauberger effect). The extracted potential pressure energy also transforms to additional motional energy of tornado jet. Atmosphere pressure energy is enormous. This energy tears of the roofs during hurricanes and is already used by vacuum bombs. Tornado energy, extracted in this way from the atmosphere is huge (rotation velocity of tornado and its enormous energy are well-known).

I’m looking for investor and can do the following work:

1. Development of a physical model of tornado formation.

2. Proposal development for tornado suppression.

3. Creation of tornado imitation.

4. Creation of renewable energy resources of new type.

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