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Sea waves-murderers

Rogue waves: formation theory

In the oceans often occur single abnormal waves of large height. They are a threat to ships and ocean liners, which come in their way. It was t ried to find a description of their formation. In this connection were organized different inter national programs(EU-project MaxWave). Currently there’re scientific works, which propose a theo ry of waves superposition as a cause of killer wave formation:

1. Theoretically such waves can occasionally occur by superposition of several waves, see: i n laboratory was created an abnormal killer-wave.

2. Internet-version of La Stampa published an arti cle about two gigantic swirls in Atlantic Ocean, which were founded out by Brazilian and American scientists. Diameter of every swirl was ca. 400 km. Formation of these swirls remains an enigma till now. But scientists, who explore this act of nature, propose a theory about swirls formation as result of interaction of seve ral ocean currents. See: Scientists founded out the gigantic s wirls in Atlantic Ocean.

3. In Norway a formation of single abnormal wave was experimentally showed in a pool as result of waves superposition.


The theory of waves superposition is frequently used as description of killer wave formation. But the conditions of formation by this way are not defined till today.

Rogue waves formation theory:
1. Using of mechanical waves on the water surface we got experimentally an imitative whirl with intensive rotation and swirl in its middle (KNOW HOW Sorokodum E.D.).
2. Rogue wave is result of superposition of several waves, which have a special limited combination and their spatial and phase relations.
3. This whirl (like a single rotating wave) can extract a heat energy, potential pressure energy and water energy.

I’m looking for investor and can do following work:

1.Development of a physical model of killer wave formation.

2. Creation of killer wave imitation.

3. Proposal development for practical using of this effect.

4. Creation of renewable energy resources of new type.


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