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Movement of tectonic plates of the Earth

Theory of tectonic plates movement

Current theories.

There’re a number of scientific works about earthquake formation causes. Most of them propose an earthquake as result of tectonic plates movement. But the reasons of plates movement are poorly explored till today and the proposed theories are inconsistent. The most defensible is the Kozirev’s N.A. work «About connection of tectonic processes of the Earth and the Moon»: "… The Earth and Moon as body system are influenced by strong tidal, i.e. gravi tational action on each other. By the action of lunar tides the Earth crust make elastic and semidiurnal vibrations without delays, which vibrational amplitude is ca. 20 sm. The tidal action of the Earth on the Moon should be much more...".

But the forces, which cause the average continent, water environment and atmosphere movements are unknown.

Causes of tectonic plates movement: theory

Well-known fact is that the Earth and the Moon rotate around common center of their mass located on the line between centers 4700 km far from the Earth mass center. It has a periodical action on movement of tectonic plates, water environment and atmosphere. The Moon cause tides and earth crust movements. These movements are periodical. But it should be in them a time-averaged and unidirectional component (KNOW HOW Dr Sorokodum E.D.). During this process the tectonic plates will move in one direction with different movement velocities(because of heterogeneous structure of Earth surface and deep layers. As result a distance between tectonic plates will become more, some of them will encounter each other and cause a strong mechanical stress at the contact points of them. These points will be the reasons for earthquake.

I’m looking for investor and can do following work:

1. Development of a physical model of plates movement.

2. Participation in model development of earthquake formation.

3. Participation in development of a long-term prognosis for e arth structure and earth surface changes.

4. Participation in estimation work of industrial and nature infl uence on cog offset(Earth-Moon) and Earth catastrophes.

5. Movement technique development of large surface areas.

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