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Aerial vehicle in the form of an umbrella with the oscillating skirt, driven to vibrate by means of muscle of human

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Aerial vehicle in the form of an umbrella with the oscillating skirt, driven to vibrate by means of muscle of human.

Birds and insects have a very economical aerial vehicles. But people still know very little about mechanism of formation of the lift. And so throughout the century, they go on the way up the mechanical coping of flapping wings. As a result, ​​aircrafts are made which practically do not fly. We are for a long time studied the mechanism for obtaining power based on the a nonlinear oscillatory aerodynamics.

We have get experimentally, on a small propulsor in the hover on the spot, about 200 kg / hp. It's a lot more than have the best helicopters in the world. Can be made an aircraft with a propulsor of oscillatory type, which would be more efficient and maneuverable than today's airplanes and helicopters.

I'm going to design and build a aerial vehicle in the form of an umbrella with a propulsor of oscillatory type, driven by a human muscle. I expect that this device is can fly much higher and longer than the well-known aircraft, driven by a man.

Our technology is so breakthrough that they can make a revolution in all of science, and have greatsignificance for all humanity.

But for the design, manufacture and finishing of aircraft are needed funds, but funding for R&D in Russia is practically absent. Endless appeal to the different funds do not give a meaningful result.

Only hope for people interested in developing aviation and humanity as a whole!

We would be grateful to you for any help material character.

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