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Autonomous renewable vortical power station

Autonomous renewable vortical power station

I studied for a long time of Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger and others. And I came to the conclusion that it is possible to extract thermal energy and energy of pressure relaxed ambient atmosphere using a vortex. Such attempts have been made in the world have repeatedly, but they have not been successful. The problem occurred in creating cost-effective vortex, to extracted the energy from the atmosphere and then transfer this energy to the consumer.

We have received experimentally a vortex that is created by the economical way using the mechanical vibrations.

It is Necessary to carry out research and create an installation to recieve of high-speed vortex, on the basis of which it will be necessary to make the vortical power plant.

Autonomous Renewable vortical power station of the proposed type will be very cheap, ecology clean and provide all consumers in the electricity, and it will replace the long transmission lines, heating and gas. Only the power stations of this type can provide energy to all people and actually replace hydro, nuclear and thermal power plants, wind turbines, solar power station, etc.

Our technology is so breakthrough that they can make a revolution in all of science, and have greatsignificance for all humanity.

But for the design, manufacture and finishing of aircraft are needed funds, but funding for R&D in Russia is practically absent. Endless appeal to the different funds do not give a meaningful result.

Only hope for people interested in developing aviation and humanity as a whole!

We would be grateful to you for any help material character.

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