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Dr. Evgeny Sorokodum, CEO, Research Director


Evgeny Dmitriyevich Sorokodum

CEO "Vortex oscillation technology Ltd" (Russsia)

and "High Oscillating Technologies UG" (Germany)

Mob.tel: +7-903-184-04-07

E-mail: esorokodum@dol.ru


Skype: esorokodum

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My R & D

1. General theory of power converters and systems.
2. General principles of force.
3. Oscillating aero-hydrodynamics.
4. Flying and swimming propulsion vehicles with oscillatory type.
5. Biomechanics of flight and swimming.
6. Theory and methods of calculation of elastic oscillations.
7. Theory and methods of extraction of heat and pressure of the environment through the vortex and oscillating. The extraction of moisture from the atmosphere.
8. Power plants, extracting the kinetic energy of water currents or wind with the help of oscillating cylinders or wings.
9. Oscillating and vortex technology: mills, mixers, pumps, washing, sprinklers, etc.
10. Art-Science.

My R&D aimed at solving global problems (cheap and maneuverable flying and swimming vehicles of a new type, extraction of energy from the peaceful atmosphere, vortex-oscillatory technology).

For many decades in the United States, Canada, Germany, Russia, trying to make vehicles with flapping wings, which are ineffective and are not suitable for practical use. In these countries, firms, created the false impression that for the successful creation of the apparatus is sufficient knowledge of the stationary aerodynamics and design a series of vehicles (as is now the company Festo). They all spend a lot of time and money wasted.
To successfully address these R&D is necessary, first of all, to develop scientific knowledge in the direction of the general principles of energy conversion, build strength, oscillating aerohydrodynamics, oscillatory systems. This I have devoted 50 years of age.
As a result of my approach to solving these problems (development of scientific knowledge, and not wanton fabrication flying toys or energy sources at the level of "perpetual motion") I have received in the laboratory benches following experimental results:
1. In the mode oscillations of the wing in place of 200 kg at a power lift actuator 1 horsepower. When transferring a real vehicles, taking into account losses in the engine and transmission elements, this will be 80 kg / hp. It is 12 times more than has the best helicopter hovering on the spot!
2. Creating vortex which can extract energy of pressure and heat from the environment.

As a result of many years of great work, I got the theoretical, experimental and model results, on which I am able to create the first industrial designs:
2.1. Economical and maneuverable flying and swimming vehicles new type, see:
http://www.vortexosc.com/images/pdf/PersonalAirVehicleEng.pdf http://www.vortexosc.com/images/pdf/UAVwingEng.pdf

2.2. Power plants, extracting the kinetic energy of water currents or wind with the help of oscillating cylinders or wings, see: http://www.vortexosc.com/images/pdf/HydroPowerStationEng.pdf http://www.vortexosc.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=87
2.3. Power plants, extracting energy from the heat and pressure of the atmosphere calm, see: http://www.vortexosc.com/images/pdf/ElectroPowerStationEng.pdf
2.4. Technological devices based on vortex-oscillatory effect (mills, mixers, pumps, sprinklers, etc.), see: http://www.vortexosc.com/images/pdf/millEng.pdf http://www.vortexosc.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=261
2.5. Various attractions of the new type, see: http://www.vortexosc.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=14

Order to achieve this I need funding. In Russia, the low level of actual funding for R&D, and private investors provide funding in the amount of the cost of mass-produced counterparts. Foreign investors have extensive experience investing in the Hi-Tech. But they put a condition that I moved to work for the West. I decided to create a company to implement the development of Hi-Tech in cooperation with foreign investors.


Representatives of NAVAIR (Scientific Director, Dr. John W. Fischer, third from right) at a meeting at the Saratov Aviation Plant (2003). Dr. Evgeny Sorokodum second right.

US Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) has awarded Dr. Evgeny Sorokodum NAVAIR medal for his scientific work in the field of aircraft with propellers oscillatory type.


Meeting at the company POSCO Machinery & Engineering Co., Ltd. (South Korea) on renewable energy. (President of POSCO - Seung-Kwan Lee - in the front row from left, Dr. Evgeny Sorokodum - middle).



Education and Professional History



Research Activities:


  • Research of oscillatory, vortical and wave movement in air and fluid (non-stationary nonlinear aero-hydro dynamical modes of oscillation).


  • Research of flight and swimming of animals, on the basis of uniform aero-hydro dynamical of oscillatory system.
  • Research and Designing flying, swimming vehicles using nonlinear (non-stationary) modes oscillations.
  • Research and Designing flying, swimming vehicles using nonlinear (non-stationary) modes oscillations.
  • Research and Designing a wave flow of bodies for decrease of aerohydrodynamical drag.
  • Research and Designing of renewed sources of energy on the basis of use nonlinear oscillatory, vortical and wave movements of air and water.
  • Research of the general principles extraction energy from low potential quiet environment.
  • Research and Designing of renewed energy sources extracting energy low potential environment with the help of oscillations and a vortex.
  • Research and Designing technological devices (amalgamators, mills, separators, ex-tractors, nano and others) with the help vortical oscillation technologies
    • Development of attractions of new type on the basis of use of oscillatory aerohydrodynamics.


Central result of work Theoretical researches:

The general theory of converters for the description of flight and swimming vehicles, and also flight and swimming of animals.
Synthesis of the characteristics of a thruster for reception maximal lift and thrust
The general theory generate of driving force (is established, that it is possible to create driving vehicles which are not using of weights a fluids).
Beginning of the theory of identification of hydro dynamical reaction on oscillation of a body in a fluid (it is possible to determine structure of environment and forces in an analytical kind).
The physical model of a thruster is developed on the basis of use bending of oscillations of final amplitude in a fluid.
Construction of physical model of a body a fish as bending wave-conductor. A beginning of the theory annihilation of drag in a wave flow.
A beginning of the general theory of recycling of energy from low potential quiet environment.
A beginning of the theory of recycling of energy from low potential quiet environment with the help vortex.
A beginning of the theory extaction kinetic energy of water currents and a wind with the help of a oscillating wing (or other body).
The theory and methods of designing of technological devices (amalgamators, mills, separators, ex-tractors, nano and others) on the basis of use of oscillations and a vortex.

Experimental researches:

-Hydro dynamical forces working on a body at wave flow (the downturn of hydro dynamical drag is received up to zero and the body even could become a thruster).
-Force of lift on a flapping wing in a mode on a place in air is received (more than 100 Kg / horse).
-Flows and forces at oscillation in a quiet fluid of bodies: the cylinder, the groups of cylinders, segment of the cylinder, elastic forms etc. (are found out new structures of flows and of vortexes, hysteresis the phenomena and areas is abnormal of small forces).
-Opening of " the joined elasticity " at oscillation (similarly known to "the joined weight").Flows and forces at oscillation in a quiet fluid and air bodies: a flipper, elastic environment, elastic plate, body such as a umbrella, structures etc.
-The kinematics characteristics of a body of fishes, feathers of birds, wings insects at oscillations (are revealed unknown earlier to science of law).
-Reception of vortical movement with the help of oscillations of the special form (without use of rotation or the compressor).
-Mixing of liquids, milling of materials (polymetallic ore, sand, a glass, cement and others).Reception of a biodiesel.
-Extraction oil from oil sand.


-A method of account bend of oscillations of a body at any impedance on the ends of a core.
-A technique of definition of the dynamic and power characteristics swimming fish, dolphin or bend of oscillations of a body.
-A technique of selection of coverings for decrease aero hydro dynamical resistance.
-The computer database "Oscillatory aero hydrodynamics is created in the physical and biological mechanics" (period 1830-2008 years, the Russian version, more than 8500 names of articles, with key words, switching the summary on 3000 articles).

Devices, equipment and gauges are made (are made under orders):

Model of the flying vehicle with flapping working bodies (for tests for the stand).
Model of the flying dirizable with flapping working bodies (for tests for the stand).
Model of a water bicycle with thruster oscillatory type (as akyskipper, but my model to not sink)
Model a water bicycle with a fin propulsion.
Model of a bicycle with flapping a wing (for tests for the stand).
Stand research of characteristics of a vortex generated with the help of special oscillations. Laboratory models for research of mix and mill of materials (4 different models).
Factory for extraction medicinal grasses.
Hydro stands for research of the hydro dynamical characteristics at oscillation of a body.
Stand for research annihilation drag of a body in flow.
System of remote control by the mechanical characteristics force installation of an oscillatory type. Electronic blocks for measurement a component of oscillation, amplifiers, gauges of displacement and force, stroboscope the gaffers.
Adaptive microprocessor system for automatic search of optimum modes of operations of engine-thrust system oscillatory type (modes: the maximal draft or maximal efficiency, or minimum level acoustic noise).
The program for processing on the computer experimental the data.




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