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Bike with flapping propulsion

    We propose to develop bike with flapping wing.
    In our air bike will be used our results of oscillating aerodynamics and new principles of creation power (KNOW HOW of PhD in engineering E.D. Sorokodum).
    See http://www.vortexosc.com/images/pdf/new_aviatrans.pdf
    In our scientific research, we have found new principles for creating a thrust force (by creating a special vortex track with the help of mechanical oscillations). Now all aviation (planes and helicopters) creates a thrust force due to the gradient of the amount of movement (jet theory). Propellers of helicopters and airplanes, created on the basis of jet theory, are very uneconomical (airplanes have a lift of up to 15 kG/hp, helicopters - up to 4 kG/hp). We know how to create an air bike with a specific thrust value of up to 200 kG/hp. For this purpose, we need to conduct a special set of R & D in relation to the oscillatory propullsor for an airbike.

Technical specifications

    Tricycle. Dimensions: height 2 m, width 0.7 m, length 3 m. Movement on land is accomplished using aerodynamic pushing thrust of the oscillating wing. Actuator for oscillation of the wing:
    - from the legs of the cyclist;
    - motor and battery.
    Speed up to 40 km/h.
    The wing has a flat configuration (in sheet form, vertically arranged).

Animation of airbicycle


    1. Individual vehicle.
    2. Entertainment amusement ride for parks, rest homes, etc.
    3. Entertainment attraction for summer houses.
    4. Advertising platform.

    We are looking for an investor
for the development of the first industrial designs of air bike.

    On the development of the first industrial design required 100 000 Euro.
    International marketing requires 50 000 Euro.
    A patent application is required 150 000 Euro.
    For the production need 1 000 000 Euro.
    Just for the implementation of the project must 1 300 000 Euro (see business-plan below).
    Net profit after three years will be 93 223 000 Euro.
    The profitability will be 125 %.

Financing terms with the Investor

    From Investor requires a 100 000 Euro for the development of the first industrial design.
For the next stage of the project (that includes marketing, patenting, creation of production) requires separate funding in the amount of 1 200 000 Euro. For mass production and sale of products created by the joint firm between the Investor and the Executor.
Investment for this purpose may be obtained one of three options:
    1. The cost of establishing a production fully financed by Investor;
    2. Investor and Executor taking joint credit for the creation of the production;
    3. Only the Executor takes the credit.
    Depending on options for funding the creation of production determines the share in the joint company and distribution of profit.


    Sorokodum Evgeny Dmitrievich

    PhD in engineering

    Founder and CEO
    Vortex Oscilation Technology Ltd.

    Mobile: +7-903-184-04-07

    E-mail: esorokodum@dol.ru

    E-mail: evgenysorokodum@yandex.ru   

    Skype: esorokodum

    Web-site: vortexosc.com

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