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Plant for the extraction of medicinal herbs

Plant for the extraction of medicinal herbs


Oscillatory processes in a fluid and in gas figurative environments have a number of essential qualitative differences from processes at stationary modes. One of them consists in occurrence at oscillation viscous waves Stokes, which can essentially reduce time and energy necessary at technological processes. In our country and abroad the large number of experiences with positive results is carried out by on use of mechanical oscillations for acceleration various technological processes.

In Latvian agricultural firm “Stalgene” a technological line (shop) has created by SP “Vibrodvijitel” (SP “Vibrodvijitel” works under a management of "Vortex Oscillation Technology" Ltd.) , in which grass extraction is carried out not with the help of rotary extractors with heating but with the help of vibration and without heating. With the help of oscillations an extraction takes 20 mines. Instead of 16 hours that as was earlier and thus it was required on 30 % less of medicinal grass.


Structure of the plant for the extraction of medicinal herbs in agrofirm "Staļģene", Latvia

1 - scales for herbs; 3 - the capacity for the extract of unfiltered; 4 – vibro-extractor; 5 - container for pre-mixing;
6 - a device for draining; 7 - screw press; 8 - bin husks; 9 - Apparatus for extract; 10 - Electric Pump unit for the extract;
11 - filter press for the extract; 12 - Apparatus for the finished extract; 13 - Scales for the finished product; 14 - Vacuum
pump; 15 - a portable hopper for herbs; 16 - collector of cold water; 17 - collector of hot water; 18 - collector of live
steam; 19 - suction filter.


Plant for the extraction of medicinal herbs (above capacitance marked in red - vibro-extractor)


Vibroextractor on 2 cubic meters.

Characteristics of the production line: - Production of extracts of vegetable raw materials for the food, alcoholic, perfumery, pharmaceutical and other productions; - Productivity - 10 cu. metres liquid extract per shift; - Installed capacity of 25 kW; - Parameters of one technological line: width of 6 m, length of 6 m, height of 8 m - Service staff - 5 people. Unlike traditional extraction lines, this line has a number of advantages: - The extraction process of vegetable raw materials (medicinal herbs) is performed without heating; - Productivity of the technological line increased by 16 times and more; - It is required 30% less medicinal herbs.


Sorokodum Evgeny

PhD. in engineering

Founder and CEO
Vortex Oscillation Technology Ltd.

Mobile: +7-903-184-04-07

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