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Condensation of natural gas


    In the world, the condensation of gas for its economical delivery to consumers over long distances is considered as one of the priority tasks of energy. Further development of this direction is hindered by the high cost of gas condensation plants and their high operational cost .

    The natural gas condensation technologies offered by our company are based on the vortex-oscillatory effect discovered by us (KNOW-HOW of Ph. D. E. D. Sorokodum). The description of the vortex-oscillatory effect and the advantages of the technologies offered by us in comparison with traditional ones are given on our page: http://www.vortexosc.com/images/pdf/Atmplants.pdf

    We have discovered a way to create an intense vortex motion by using oscillations of a special shape. With intense movement inside the vortex, the temperature will be divided into a cold and hot zone. It is possible to lower the temperature in the cold zone of the vortex to very low values, at which the condensation of natural gas will begin. If natural gas is passed through this cold zone, the gas will condense. At the same time, additional energy will also be extracted due to the release of thermal energy during gas condensation. This energy can be obtained in the form of heat, kinetic or electrical energy. The operation of the plant can be provided both with the help of an external energy source, and with the help of extracted energy during gas condensation. See the presentation:

Animation of particle motion in a vortex

    At the beginning, the gas enters the first stage of the gas condensation plant, in which, with the help of a vortex created by oscillations of a special shape (KNOW-HOW of Ph. D. E. D. Sorokodum) condensation of moisture from the gas occurs. Condensation of moisture occurs due to a decrease in temperature in certain areas of the vortex. At the same time, a large amount of thermal energy is released, which is several times higher than the energy supplied to the vibrator. This effect is similar to what happens on a freon compressor heat pump. Only in this case do not use either the compressor, no freon, no choke, etc.

    Then the gas enters the second stage, in which the impurities are removed from the gas by means of centrifugal forces, oscillational and vortex effects. A vortex for removing impurities is also created by means of oscillations of a special shape.
    At the third stage, a vortex (also created with the help of oscillations of a special shape) is used to deeply cool and condense the gas.
    In our plants, there will be no metal or rotating parts in the path of the gas movement. Vibrators that create rotational motion are assembled from mass-produced, cheap and reliable components. Therefore, our plants will be much easier and more reliable than the existing samples. The thermal energy received from the plant and directed to heating residential and industrial premises will be several times higher than the energy that is spent on the operation of vibrators. Accordingly, the operational cost of the our plants will be several times cheaper than existing plants.

    We can develop and manufacture the first working samples of plants for the various gases condensation. We do not have ready-made samples. We have extensive theoretical, experimental and practical experience in the development and manufacture of working models of equipment that uses oscillations.

    As a first step for the development of a gas condensation plant using the vortex-oscillation effect, it is recommended to investigate the characteristics of the air vortex created by mechanical oscillations. Watch the presentation: http://www.vortexosc.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=273

    We are looking for investors and partners to create the first samples of new super equipment.


    Sorokodum Evgeny

    Ph.D. in engineering

    Founder and CEO
    Vortex Oscillation Technology Ltd.      

    Mobile: +7-903-184-04-07

    E-mail: esorokodum@dol.ru

    E-mail: evgenysorokodum@yandex.ru

    Skype: esorokodum

    Web-site: http://www.vortexosc.com

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