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The pump on vortex- oscillatory effect

Our technologies for pumps

We develop a new way of creation of vortical movement. Intensive vortical movement is created only with the help of mechanical oscillations (without rotation of blades, wheels and other bodies, without the compressor, etc.). This way of reception of rotary movement is approved by us experimentally. Look http://www.vortexosc.com/modules.php?name =Content&pa=showpage&pid=13

The prospective kind of movement of a liquid in the vortex - oscillatory centrifugal pump (figure at the left) (one of variants) and in the axial pump (on the right) is below shown.

Created with the help of oscillations the vortex possesses a number of the important properties:
- Intensive rotation movement is born inside the tube, that can be used for pump effect receiving (the centrifugal effect is born due to the rotation of environment can be used, but at full absence of rotating working bodies);
- In movement of particles of environment in a body of vortex there are simultaneously rotary and oscillatory components;
- Rotation begins at once in all volume;
- Oscillatory component of movement makes action on crushing and hashing of environment with suspensions. - It's possible to reduce the pumped material's viscosity

The comparative table of characteristics of known devices for swapping liquids is below resulted.

Type of the device The description Advantages Lacks
Axial or centrifugal pumps Movement of a liquid is created with the help of rotation of blades, wheels and other working bodies

Comparative simplicity of a design 1. Noise and vibration from rotating parts and vortexes, etc.

2. High requirements to manufacturing rotating parts.

3. The necessity of liquid purification before pumping it over.

The vibrating pump With the help of oscillations of working body pump action is created 1. Absence of rotating parts.

2. An opportunity simultaneously with pump action to use mixing influence on a liquid.

1. Small productivity of the pump.

2. A high level of vibrations.

Vortex - oscillatory the pump (Our KNOW-HOW) With the help of oscillations intensive rotary movement which then will be transformed to progress is created in environment 1. Absence of rotating and other working bodies inside the case.

2. Simplicity and cheapness of a design.

3. Simplicity of service.

4. Small acoustic noise.

5. An opportunity simultaneously with pump action to create centrifugal, mixing, etc.

6. Pumping over liquids with the big ratio of viscosity and pollution.

7. Possibility to reduce the pumped material's viscosity.

Our offers

We can make research and developmental work on creation of the first samples of new highly effective technics (on the basis of our theoretical and experimental researches). We search for investors and partners for the first samples of this new technics creation.

Application of our effect (vortex - oscillatory effect) presumes to create new generation of pumps with different purposes:

Pumps axial and centrifugal of different purpose.

The liquid is sucked by the pump and twisted to the huge speeds there. Due to the big centrifugal acceleration pressure from several to several hundred atmospheres is created

Pump for very dense agents utilization (oilslimes, animal farms' wastes, etc.)

Pump liquefies the agent near the intaking pipe with the help of vibration. Then it sucks the agent, accelerates it to the big speed and pump it over due to the centrifugal effect. Liquefaction and grinding of the material occurs during the process.

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