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Devices for vortex - oscillatory washing capacities

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Offered technologies lean on a vortex-oscillatory the effect opened by us (Know-How).
The description a vortex-oscillatory of effect and advantage of technologies offered by us (in comparison with traditional technologies) are resulted on our page:


Washing of containers (packing)

An empty container (metal tank or 19 liter capacity from plexiglas) was installed at the laboratory device. Trace amount of washing solution was fed into it. The reservoir was washed for 10 minutes.
- A very thin vortex (several millimeters thin) was formed on the inner surface of the reservoir.
- The inner surface was washed of impurities.
- Very small quantities of cleaning solution was used.
- In contrast to the existing washing technologies, we did not need to enter injectors inside and wash the reservoir internal surface in a complicated way.

Devices for vortex - oscillatory washing capacities

We have developed a way and the device of creation of simultaneously vortical and oscillatory movement in the environment with the help only oscillations. Due to this in our device the best advantages of vortical and vibrating washing devices are combined. Despite of complexity of physical processes proceeding in such device, washing devices turn out very simple and cheap.

We can join forces with you to perform the following works:

Vortex - oscillatory devices for washing bottles, container, capacities etc. (speed of process is some times increased, quality мойки raises, decrease quantity of spent washing substances and capacities, dimensions of installation and the charge of metal).

Vortex - oscillatory devices for washing for root crops: a potato, beet etc. (in speed of process is some times increased, quality washing raises, capacity, dimensions of installation and the charge of metal decrease).

We can make research and developmental work on creation of the first samples of new highly effective technics (on the basis of our theoretical and experimental researches). We search for investors and partners for the first samples of this new technics creation.


Sorokodum Evgeny

PhD. in engineering

Founder and CEO
Vortex Oscillation Technology Ltd.

Mobile: +7-903-184-04-07

E-mail: sorokodum@dol.ru

E-mail: evgenysorokodum@yandex.ru

Skype: esorokodum

Web-site: www.vortexosc.com

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