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Alternative sources of energy

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Our civilization becomes an electrical and heating energy by firing of different fuel materials, by working atomic stations and hydroelectric stations. As result our planet is full of thousands km of oil- and gas pipe lines, power lines and railways. The Cities are tangled with heating line network. All this system has heavy energy losses during its delivering to the end user. These energy sources are environment-damaging, the fuel is gradual finishing, and the whole fuel delivering and extraction system is running out and required repair.

There is a great part of areas, which are not ensured continuity of power service. The energy resolution by firing, nuclear and hydrogen bioenergy can helps people to stay alive just for a time and brings a great ecological damage. Presently the people set a high value on traditional renewable energy resources (RES-technology): wind, current, sun energy and wave power. But these energy sources are expensive and supply a want of energy not more than 2-15%.
The energy resolution can be founded only by completing of following tasks:
- fuel-free energy resource
- power converter to electrical and heating energy without limit.

Quiet atmosphere (and river and sea water) – are ideal energy resource

The ambient atmosphere has a great renewable energy store (heat and pressure energy), which is thousandfold bigger than by all power systems worldwide.

Quiet atmosphere (and river and sea water) - it’s heating and pressure energy – is the ideal energy resource without limit. This energy surrounds the consumer, is day and night available and does not depend on wind or sun presence, its free and eco-friendly.


Energy extraction from environment: challenges

Humanity has become familiar with high potential energy (energy resources based on firing and traditional renewable energy resources). The extraction of this energy does not cause difficult challenges, because its potential is higher than the consumer has. But as mentioned above these energy resources do not solve the energy problems of the world.

This problem can be solved with environmental energy (atmosphere, water medium), but it is a low potential energy (its temperature and pressure are less than consumer has).

The simple direct energy extraction from environment is impossible. Extraction principles of low potential energy are more difficult than high potential energy. There are also poorly known. The official science does not set this task, different innovators of “perpetuum mobile” do not have a power to solve this task. The work on environmental energy extraction is at the first stage of its development.

Requirements for low potential energy converter to electrical and heating energy

- Environmental energy can be consumed day and night;

- Closeness to consumer (we don’t need km of electrical lines, gas and oil pipe lines, heat lines;

- Autonomy/independence (after primary start-up has to keep in working due to part of energy, which is extracted from environment);

- Inexpensive (should be manifold less than traditional renewable energy resources), low-cost electro energy;

-Possibility to use this energy for heating and as gas alternative in the kitchen. There is not necessary to install an expensive gas pipeline system and heating line system);

- Simple installation and running;

- Eco-friendly

Low potential energy extraction principle

There is no self-active energy delivering from environment to end consumer, which energy potential Р3 is more than environment potential Ро, (see picture).

Figure: energy transmission from low potential area to high potential area

The energy converter is able to extract a low potential energy from environment in case of following physical process:

1. Creation of area (working medium, example: gas or air), which comes in contact with low potential environmental; potential (temperature or pressure) of this area Р1 will be less than low potential environment Ро. In this case the environment (according to classical physical lows, example: second law of thermodynamics) will transfer the energy from this area.

2. The potential P1 of extracted environment energy in working medium will reach a new low – less than environmental potential Pо. After that–without energy changes – we raise in this working medium the potential P2 making it higher than P3 of consumer. To do this, we use a well-known principle of classical physic.

3. Energy of working medium, which potential Р2 is higher, than P3 of consumer , is delivered to the end user.

An aforesaid physical process is realistic and is used by thermal pumps. This description is a main principle for any energy resources.

We can make research and developmental work on creation of the first samples of new highly effective technics (on the basis of our theoretical and experimental researches). We search for investors and partners for the first samples of this new technics creation.

The following chapters will contain a detailed description of different types of converter.

The vortex - oscillatory heat pump

Vortex-oscillatory electricity generating station

Solar aero-vortical power station

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