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Underwater vehicles with thruster oscillatory type

Underwater vehicles with thruster oscillatory type

            We have long-term experience in research of non-stationary hydrodynamical modes of oscillation. The carried out researches have allowed to establish the following qualitative differences thruster the oscillatory type working in a non-stationary mode, from thruster working in a mode of stationary hydrodynamics:

1. The effective hydrodynamical area can be in several times more, than the area drawn a wing. As a result of it, with other things being equal, the efficiency of thruster of oscillatory type will be more, than screw or hydro-jet type.
2. Thruster of oscillatory type, brings indignations of the certain type in a stream which is flowing round the case of the underwater device. Owing to it, a flow of the case occurs to a small variable corner which under certain conditions creates thrust. This force will reduce the general hydro dynamical drag of the case, even up to zero (This idea was stated by N.E.Zhukovskiy, Knoller, Betz, Katcmauer., W. Shmidt and we have confirmed it experimentally). On this process it is not required to additional energy from thruster.
3. Using two above-stated in items 1 and 2 effects which prove only in the certain area of non-stationary oscillations, it is possible to create thruster oscillatory type, which will be much more effective (more efficiency, less hydro dynamical drag and a level of acoustic noise), than the best traditional thruster.
4. High efficiency thruster should be supported in navigation with the help of special adapting control systems (such program and a control system on the basis of the microprocessor is created by us).

Advantages of engine-thruster complex of oscillatory type:
- Weight reduction of the engine and fuel, increase of speed of navigation of the device;
- Accordingly increase of weight of a commercial cargo;
- Decrease in engine and fuel cost;
- Decrease in cost prices of transportation of a commercial cargo (cost of a kilometer-ton);
- Seaweed, networks and other subjects are not reeled up on thruster; flapping thruster is safe for the human and sea animals.

Realization of works is expedient for carrying out in two stages:
1. Creation and test pass underwater vehicles with remote control. Purpose of these devices is: - Check of hydro dynamical modes and improvement of constructive units of a drive and a control system, for the subsequent use on underwater vehicles; - Mini underwater vehicles have an independent field of application in various areas.
2. On the basis of the received experience samples thruster oscillatory type for underwater vehicles, the surface ships and underwater robots are created. Graham Hawkes (President, Hawkes Ocean Technologies http://www.deepflight.com) has created a series of fine underwater vehicles similar to planes. These vehicles have the form of the case, wings, an arrangement of various rudders and elements which surprisingly approach for installation on this vehicle thruster oscillatory type. Then this underwater vehicle could look like it is shown below:

        We search for the investor for creation of new type highly economic and maneuverable underwater vehicles with thruster oscillatory type.

        We can develop and make the first working samples of engine-thruster a complex of oscillatory type for underwater vehicles of various purpose. We have no ready samples. We have the large theoretical, experimental and practical experience of development and manufacturing of working samples of engineering using oscillations.

Click to download the presentation:

Unmanned underwater vehicle with the propulsor of oscillatory type

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