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Hovercraft with oscillating skirt

The vehicle on an air pillow with thruster oscillatory type

Kokerelli has already offered air cushion vehicle in which instead of the pushing screw used draft created by a wave running on a flexible plane. Lift force was created by traditional way by compressor.
I offer to develop the air cushion vehicle in which there is no compressor and the pushing screw, and instead of this a special oscillating flexible skirt is used. Air is not pulled out from under skirt with a strong dust, but soaked up inside. The improved controllability at small speeds and on a place, the big profitability.
This work demands an experimental researches. Our experience in researches of such type, thruster-engine complex of oscillatory type and system of adaptive optimum control will allow confidently and in brief terms to carry out necessary researches

An Air-Cushion Vehicle with an Oscillating Skirt

The existing types of air-cushion vehicles have a whole range of serious disadvantages (low cost-effectiveness, complicated and heavy power drive, bulky compressors and pusher screws, low cross-country capacity, low course-keeping qualities at low speed, a high noise level, etc.).
We propose to develop an air-cushion vehicle using an oscillating skirt instead of a compressor and a pusher. Air does not escape from a protection with a cloud of dust, but is sucked in. It results in better course-keeping qualities at low speed and in higher cost-effectiveness.
Comparable characteristics of a common air-cushion vehicle and an air-cushion vehicle with an oscillation skirt are given below.


A common air-cushion vehicle

An air-cushion vehicle with an oscillation skirt

The lift producing method

Aerostatic force produced by a pressure compressor

Aerostatic and aerodynamic force produced by an oscillating skirt

The propulsive force producing method

With the use of a pusher screw

With the use of a special mode of the skirt oscillations.

Lateral movement control

Rear blades ventilated by a pusher screw. At low speed course-keeping qualities are extremely poor

With the use of a special mode of the skirt oscillations. Various kinds of movement are possible (forward, backward, left, right, on-the-spot turn).

Altitude over the ground

Limited. The larger an aperture between a skirt and the ground, the greater a compressor capacity.

Due to aerodynamic force an aperture can be greater. A vehicle ascent to any height is possible.

Amount of dust

Extremely great. Air cushion is produced by an uninterrupted supply of a great amount of air flowing from the skirt outside.

Inconsiderable. An oscillating skirt tends to pump air under the vehicle bottom (in a common skirt all air escapes outside).

Engines and a power drive

Engines on a compressor and a pusher screw with corresponding reducers and drive shafts. Great capacity and high weight of two engines, high fuel weight and consumption

One high-revolution engine supplies rotational motion to an oil pump (without a reducer). Then, with the use of hydraulic hoses and power hydro cylinders located under the vehicle bottom, motion is supplied to the skirt. Control is performed by an electronic remote control panel and proportional hydraulic valves. This unit is easily combined with a microprocessor system of an optimum drive control (to maintain an economy movement mode). All the drive parts are completed by serially produced components).

Power gear location

A compressor occupies a large space in the middle of a vehicle. It is characterized by a high level of noise. A pusher screw occupies a large space in the tail end. It has a high level of noise and has to be protected. The screw produces an undesirable moment at the nose part of a vehicle.

An engine with an oil pump can be located anywhere you like. A drive is low-weight and does not take much place. An engine with a drive is much lighter

Commercial cargo

A part of commercial cargo in the total boat weight is not great

A commercial cargo amount can twice exceed that of common air-cushion vehicles at the same capacity

Movement economy


High due to the reduced engine capacity, lower engine, drive and fuel weigh. A large amount of commercial cargo and space


The above-mentioned disadvantages highly limit areas of application

Due to improved course-keeping qualities and economy areas of application are considerably expanded. In the result, the market of air-cushion vehicles with an oscillating skirt may become very impressive

Our company possesses KNOW HOW for the development of air-cushion vehicles with the use of an oscillating skirt instead of a compressor and a pusher screw. . Our considerable experience in the research of such types of engine-thruster complex combined with the adaptive optimum control system will allow to effectively develop such a project in a very short time.

It is advisable to start with the development of an air-cushion vehicle for 1-2 persons. This vehicle will further be used for an effective development of all components (hydrodynamic drives, control system, etc.) to be applied in heavy-tonnage vessels. Moreover, this 1-2 persons vehicle can be commercially produced. .

We can make research and developmental work on creation of the first samples of new highly effective technics (on the basis of our theoretical and experimental researches). We search for investors and partners for creation of the first samples of this new technics.

Dr. Evgeny Sorokodum

Telephone: (+7) - (903) 184-04-07



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