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The boat with thruster oscillatory type

The boat with thruster oscillatory type

The boat with thruster oscillatory type can have a number of advantages in comparison with usual screw or itc thrusters:

  • Above efficiency
  • Partial decrease of hydrodynamical drag
  • It is less lowering a boat
  • Safety thruster for people and fishes (seaweed and networks are not reeled up on thruster).

This work demands realization of experimental researches. Presence at us experience in realizations theoretical and experimental researches of such type, engine-thruster a complex of oscillatory type and system of adaptive optimum control, will allow confidently and in brief terms to lead (carry out) necessary researches.

We search for the investor for creation of new type thruster with flapping working body for boats.
We can develop and make the first working samples of engines with varying working body. We have no ready samples. We have the big theoretical, experimental and practical experience of development and manufacturing of working samples of engineering using oscillatory processes. Investments are necessary for continuation of the further works for us.


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