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Boat on underwater wings with thruster oscillatory type

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1. Applicability

Water resistance prevents ships from accelerating. One of the ways of solving the problem is to raise a ship hull above water what means to reduce resistance. There are many companies nowadays producing hydrofoil ships but they have a number of disadvantages: high price of ships and commercial transportations, ship instability and other. We offer you a new type of hydrofoil ships and boats with a thruster of oscillative type. Due to application of oscillative hydrodynamics, annihilation of hydrodynamic resistance of hydrofoils and our know-how we can produce hydrofoil ships and boats with much smaller engines for a cheaper price with better course-keeping qualities.


1. Hydrofoil ships with a propelling screw and water-jet propulsor

Hydrofoil ships and boats with propelling screw and water-jet propulsor are the most widespread types of vehicles. See below:

- Open ocean-going hydrofoil launch ‘Khvilya’
State enterprise
Technology Design Bureau ‘Sudokomposit’

2. Hydrofoil ships of specified configurations

For uprating of hydrofoil ships people design hydrofoils and ships of irregular forms.

American engineer Thomas Rowe and his company ‘Bionic Dolphin’ proceeded to a large-scale production of unique pilot-controlled diving hydrofoil boats which resemble a dolphin in form and size. Vehicles equipped with high-power engine V8 are able to dive at a depth of several meters, move near water surface for a long time putting out a tip of a fin above water and even jump out as a real dolphin.

TARCO Research Company and Innespace Company


Team Black Swan are actively seeking Individuals and Organisations who are willing to contribute the project.

For more information contact projectblackswan@yahoo.co.uk

We are seeking Sponsorship locally ( Bristol ) and Nationally. If your company has the vision to form a rewarding partnership then we would like to hear from you.

Chris Lloyd of COAST 2 COAST MARINE SERVICES LTD Portishead has donated a 14inch diameter 26inch pitch 2 BLADE SURFACE PROP for testing. Chris has many years experience of racing and his wisdom will be an asset to the team.

Many thanks to Richard of Solcentric who has loaned us a speed boat for research and development (see gallery). His interest in alternative energy can be followed by clicking here.

Hydrofoil Boat

Source by permission: Guillermo Sureda Burgos - Blogged at: Dark Roasted Blend


3. Hydrofoil ship with a thruster of oscilative type

In USSR, in the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute was constructed a boat with hydrofoils (under supervision of E.P. Grebeshov) which oscillated and thrusted as a propulsor.

On trials the boat got to the wings. Once it went under the water. The crew escaped with a whole skin but the Directorship forbade all operations after the accident

A.I. Boldarev developed different models of oscillating leading edge flap. The oscillating leading edge flap thrusted and produced added lift on fixed wings. These models could float. But A.I. Boldarev didn’t get support neither in the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute, nor in other organizations.

On the left picture you can see a model of a hydrofoil boat with oscillating leading edge flap on rear wings. On the right picture you can see a working model of outboard engine for a boat with a thruster of a hydrofoil with oscillating leading edge flap type.


Hydrofoil ships compared to common water displacing crafts have:
1. Higher speed
2. More elaborated design
3. Higher price of a ship
4. Less maneuvering ability, stability and safety while floating
5. Different companies and inventors make attempts to find new configurations of hydrofoil ships and boats, including also exotic samples. But these attempts don’t allow hydrofoil ships to come into the broad market. Many attempts were made to create a hydrofoil boat with oscillating wings. But the level of these developments was not high and the produced models didn’t give rise of hydrofoil ships.

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Our propositions

        We are searching for investor and a partner for creation of new type of supereffective hydrofoil ships and boats.
        We can work out and produce first operating models of various-application ships.

Swimming vehicles with flapping wing

        We don’t have ready-assembled model yet but we have great theoretical, experimental and practical experience in developing and producing of working models of oscillative technology, such as:

  • Boat on underwater wings with thruster oscillatory type

Click to download the presentation:

Boats and vessels on underwater wings with propulsor of oscillatory type

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