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Alternative flying vehicles

Alternative flying vehicles

Now there are many attempts to create new various flying vehicles in the world:
Vehicles with vertical rise and hovering.http://www.solotrek.com Flying platforms by DM AeroSafe http://dmaerosafe.freeservers.com
In Glenn research center under the direction of Mark G.Millisa, search of ways of creation of draft is carried out by NASA. NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project http://www.lerc.nasa.gov/WWW/PAO/warp.htm Flying electroplane by Tim Ventura http://www.americanantigravity.com/index.shtml

During many tens years attempts to create highly effective flying vehicles of new type have been done. Hundreds samples of unusual flying vehicles are created. But these flying vehicles have low efficiency, bad controllability, very high price and many other disadvantages. Principal causes of these failures are:
- The way creation of lift is based exclusively on a gradient of quantity of movement (on jet force due to movement of weight of a liquid or gas);

- The classical stationary aeromechanics is used.
I assert, that it will be possible to create very highly effective, maneuverable and cheap flying vehicles of new type, if:
- To do lift force with the help of a gradient of energy;

- To use nonlinear oscillatory aerodynamics;

- To receive additional energy from environment.

New principles of flying vehicles development.

The first principle. Reception of force due to a gradient of energy.

In technics and in a life we have got used to the certain physical concepts connected with force, and we use these concepts at creation of machines, planes, rockets and other equipment, not reflecting about an origin of forces in a general sense. Usually, occurrence of force in fluid continuous medium connect with presence of a gradient of quantity of movement.

At the same time there is a mechanism of formation of force on more general principles, - due to a gradient of energy in space. If in space energy is distributed non-uniformly there is a carry of energy between various areas, bodies. If the body transfers energy the body gets thus reaction. Force is equal to capacity (to energy of any physical nature) divided for the speed of carry of this energy. It is universal dependence, - known expressions for force are special cases.

The use of a gradient of energy, allows to proceed to consideration of creation of force in any environment and in any fields (gaseous or liquid, electromagnetic, gravitational, radio, etc. little-known or still unknown fields). Ways of carry of energy too can be different: with the help of throwing away of medium, waves, etc.

Dependence of specific thrust (an axis on a vertical: the ratio of tractive force to capacity of the device radiating energy, dimension of Н/kW) from speed of carry of energy (an axis across, dimension of m/s) is shown below. This schedule is universal and is valid for any mechanism of carry of energy and any kind of energy. For simplicity the case of transfer of energy only to one side (in comparison with a spatial case, transfer of energy on other directions, this case is the most effective) is shown here.

Dependence of specific thrust on speed of carry of energy
From figure values of specific thrust follow:

At carry of energy with speed of light of 300000000 meters in a second, specific thrust about 3*10 in a minus of 6-th degree Н about 1 KW of a source of waves;

At carry of energy with speed of a sound in water of 1450 meters in a second, specific thrust of 0.8 Н/kW;

At carry of energy with speed of a sound in air of 340 meters in a second, specific thrust of 0.3 Н/kW;

At carry of energy with speed of 10 meters in a second, specific thrust about 100 Н/kW;

At carry of energy with a speed of 0.01 meters in a second, specific thrust of 10000 Н/kW!

From these values of specific thrust follows, that in terrestrial conditions to do the vehicle receiving draft with the help of carry of energy by means of light or electromagnetic waves it is not expedient that it will be necessary to have thruster huge capacities. For example.

The development of light rockets similar to development of firm Lightcraft Technologies Inc. (LTI), do not bring success. And reception in last experiences of appreciable forces in these vehicles, is connected with the use of energy of light (laser) for evaporation of ice or plastic and creation due to it a jet. Only due to reaction of a jet pair forces which can lift the vehicle during short time for some tens meters also have been received. In this case there was an actual transition from a light rocket (which should move due to energy of pressure of light, and the size of force depends on speed of light, speed of carry of energy) to usual jet thruster, speed of carry of energy in which is equal to speed movement weights steam. In this case, speed of carry of energy has decreased in millions times and as follows from the schedule, in millions times force of draft has increased and the vehicle has flied up. But it is not any more a light rocket!?

At use of speed of carry of energy about 0.05 meters in a second of capacity of the person would suffice to fly in air due to the energy.
The second principle.
Reception of force at the minimal speed of carry of energy.

From the first principle follows: for creation of economic vehicles, it is necessary to use the physical phenomena and designs of thruster which would give the minimal size of speed of carry of energy.

Energy can be transferred in the various ways:

With the help of the moving weight of a liquid or the gas, caused by a gradient of quantity of movement.

On this principle all modern flying and floating vehicles, rockets, pumps and so forth vehicles are constructed. Despite of huge distribution of the vehicles using for creation of driving force a gradient of quantity of movement, they have serious disadvantages:

The moving environment causes the big losses of energy on overcoming aerodinamical drag, as in the mechanism creating movement of a liquid (thruster), and at movement of the offcast liquid ( jets). Thus also there are noise and vibration.

For movement of the vehicle, including and on a place, it is necessary to reject a liquid constantly.

Dimensional characteristics of working bodies of the vehicle (screws, wings, jet thruster and so forth), are strongly connected with thruster a complex, and opportunities of their reduction have reached the limit.

The size of the forces developed by thrusters, much more concedes to that flying and swimming animals have.

< color="#FF0000" > With the help of a wave.

In this case, force arises due to a gradient of energy. Thus, movement weights of a liquid or gas from thruster do not occur. As a matter of fact, ideas of this principle are incorporated in projects of light rockets. This phenomenon is known, how radiating pressure of light and acoustic waves. Usually, waves have the large speed of carry of energy and consequently, the size of force will be small. For receiving of the big forces, it is necessary to search for mediums and types of the waves which have small speeds of carry of energy.

Energy is transferred in specially structured medium.

In the environment, on a way of carry of energy from thrust, indignations which result in formation of special structure beforehand are brought. Then, energy is transferred to this structure. A problem of this structure - it is essential to lower speed of carry of energy.

Simultaneously the wave and the moving weight for carry of energy participates.

In this case, general force of thruster develops of the thrust formed with the help movement of weight, and, with the help of a wave.

The third principle. Reception of the maximal intensity of radiation of energy.

But there is one more parameter determining the characteristic of the flying vehicle, - specific loading (size of the force gathered from 1 square meter of the effective area thruster). Usually, with reduction of speed of carry of energy (and, accordingly, with increase in specific draft) specific load decreases. It results to that vehicles having the big thrust from a power unit, will have the big dimensions of thruster. To reduce the sizes thruster two ways can be used:

To increase the effective area thruster.

For traditional thrusters, the effective area (the area which actively generates carry of energy or movement liquids or gas) is approximately equal to the geometrical area, actuating body of thruster. Thruster oscillatory type, at the certain operating modes, can have the effective area in 3.5 times more than the geometrical area, varying actuating body. This effect was found out experimentally by professor Vinogradov R.I.

To increase intensity of radiation of energy.

Intensity of capacity, - size radiating of capacity from unit of the area of thruster. To increase intensity of capacity it is possible:

1. With the help of increase in speed of carry of energy (speed movement liquids or speeds of a wave). But thus the size of draft will sharply fall. Hence, it is necessary to increase ability of the liquid or gaseous medium, to transfer the big energy along a line of reception of force, but without increase components of speed along this line.

2. It can be made because energy is transferred in additional degrees of freedom of a liquid, on macro and micro level (rotary, oscillatory movements, etc.). An example of such movement can be V.Shauberger's spiral vortex.

The above mentioned analysis concerned to principles of creation of thrust in the liquid or gaseous environment, with use of mechanical energy. These principles can be distributed by analogy on creation of force in environments with other kinds of energy (electromagnetic, thermal, little-known and still unknown kinds of energy).

We can make research and developmental work on creation of the first samples of new highly effective technics (on the basis of our theoretical and experimental researches). We search for investors and partners for creation of the first samples of this new technics.

We suggest to create highly economic the flying vehicle with the help (KNOW-НOW):

1. Downturn of speed of carry of energy from thruster in surrounding space.

2. Reduction of external dimensions of thruster by means of increase in an effective aerodynamic surface and increase in intensity of radiation of energy by thruster, including with the help of special vortical structures.

3. Reduction of aerodynamic drag with the help of creation of a wave flow of the vehicle.

4. Replacements in thruster propellers on oscillating working bodies of different type.

5. Adaptive control system.

On the basis of use of above described effects, it is possible to create over economic, small-sized, completely new type:

- Vehicles of vertical rise and hover on a place.

- Economical rockets.

- Light, laser ionic, etc. rockets.

I search for customers or partners for carrying out of researches and creations of the flying vehicle of offered type.

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